How to: Connect All Your Social Sites

Back when I was updating my Facebook page, I decided it was high time I figure out how to link my page to Twitter. I mean, everyone else was doing it but I could never figure it out.

You guys - it's so easy.

You can link Twitter to Facebook & Facebook to Twitter with just a few clicks.

To post Twitter statuses to your Facebook page:
1) Login to your Twitter account and click on the gear and go to settings
2) Chose 'Profile' from the left menu
3) Scroll down and click on the 'Connect to Facebook' button
4) A box will pop up, log in with Facebook, and then authorize Twitter to post.
5) Uncheck the boxes 'post retweets to Facebook' and 'post to my Facebook profile'
6) Click 'Allow posting to one of your pages' and hit 'okay' in the pop up box
7) Chose the page you'd like to connect from the dropdown menu.
8) Your tweets will now appear on your Facebook page!

It should look like this when you're done:

To post your Facebook page updates to Twitter:
1) Go to this page:
2) Click 'Link a Page to Twitter' (under the green box)
3) Select the page you'd like to link, hit 'Link to Twitter'
4) Authorize the app
5) Select what items you'd like to post (you can edit this later by visiting the link above) and save.
6) Your Facebook updates will now be posted on twitter!

It should look like this (or whatever items you check/uncheck) when you're done:

So easy right?? I have my Facebook page updates sent to Twitter, but I disconnected my Twitter account from posting to Facebook. Felt a bit too much to me, but it just depends on how much you use both.

So tell me, do you have your sites linked? What other sites do I need to link up?


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