How To: Pretty Up Your Facebook Page

Well hello there :) Took a little long-weekend break and I am ready to jump back in!

Thought I'd share a few quick changes to my Facebook page, and show you how to update your page too.

I created my cover image a few months ago when I first started my Facebook page, but I could never figure out how to make the little 'tabs' underneath (for things like Pinterest) look as pretty as Rhiannon's (Hey Gorgeous Events). I searched around and found this post & this post really helpful.

Turns out, it's super simple. Like, so incredibly simple I don't know why it's taken me so long to do this haha

First up though, a quick size guide for Facebook pages. All this can be seen the minute anyone comes to visit your page so it better look good!! Cover images used to have a lot of rules/restrictions, but Facebook has since updated them and now the one big rule is to not have more than 20% overlay text.
It doesn't all need to coordinate, but I think it looks a lot nicer when it does. The tabs that you see are just apps that you can add to your page - there's ones for Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and ones that you can customize to redirect to another page (like your blog!) I have the Pinterest App & two Woobox Custom Apps on my page. I might change up the middle tab (my fonts one) at some point, but I wasn't sure what other app to include - any recommendations?

Now for the how to!

To install apps:
1) Search Facebook for the apps you'd like to add (i.e. 'Pinterest')
2) Click the link that says 'app' underneath (not group/website/etc)
3) Click 'install page tab' and follow the instructions (every app is slightly different)
4) Go check out your page! You can have a bunch of apps, but only 3 will show at a time ('Photos' is always there)

To change the photo:
1) To the right of your tabs, you'll see a box with a downward facing arrow. Click it.
2) Hover over the tab whose image you would like to change, click the edit pencil that appears.
3) Click 'edit settings', a little pop-up box will appear.
4) Where it says 'custom tab images', there should be a 'change' link to the right. Click it.
5) Hover over the image, click the edit pencil that appears, and upload your new image!
6) After uploading (make sure it is exactly the right size), there's no need to save, just go visit your page!
Bonus: You can also rearrange your tabs by hovering over them, clicking the pencil that appears and then 'swap' positions with the other apps you have.

You can see my page in action here. Let me know if you update your page! I'd love to see it :)

Any other cool Facebook page tips I should know? What are your favourite apps?