Nailed It: Mermaid Nails

Why yes, another glitter mani :) But this one is somewhat Halloween appropriate, non? If you're not really into dressing up, why not have some fun with your nails?? This mermaid mani lasted a solid week on my nails (I'll have to do a post on my nail secrets soon!) so the fun can continue long after the candy's been eaten.

And if you're not into glitter gradients, I've included another polish below that gives a similar mermaid-feel without all the layering!

I used the same 'place & dab' technique that I always do, after painting my nails with a minty creme. I used Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet as the base, with Sephora by OPI Only Gold For Me, Love & Beauty Turquoise (from Forever 21), and Butter London Henley Regatta layered on top. I didn't originally use Henley Regatta (as you can see below), but I felt it needed more turquoise.

Below is what my nails look like after painting a glitter gradient. I included my left & right hand so you can see the destruction haha My ring finger in the first photo is almost completely cleaned off - I tend to either pick it off (once my nails are dry) or rub the excess off after a shower or doing the dishes.

And if glitter gradients aren't your thing? Check out Deborah Lippmann's mermaid collection! I have Mermaid's Dream and adore it. It's all I'm wearing on my nails in the photo below - it has minty glitter, larger turquoise glitter and a golden shimmer running through it. The Deborah Lippmann mermaid collection has a blue one, a  purple-y one, a pink-y one and orange one too!

I intentionally kept some of the photos blurry to show off the shimmer. And it might look rough to touch, but with a couple coats of topcoat it's totally smooth. I think the minty base of this polish sort of looks like sand at the bottom of water - you know that slightly rippled/bumpy texture it has? This polish is a total stunner.

Anything fun on your nails lately? Might your nails take a dip in the mermaid pool? :) Send me a link if you do!