Two Roads

image from here, via pinterest. text & graphics added by me
Talking with one of my cousin's this past weekend, she said something that stuck with me. A lot of the time, people sort of tell me, "Oh that's nice. I'll pray for a real job." when I tell them that I work for myself. But my cousin, she said, "Wow, that's awesome! Someone I know is actually making money." 

It's not the most profound statement, but when I look at how many 20-somethings I personally know who are struggling to find a job, it's a bit ridiculous. (and there are plenty who I don't know or who aren't in their 20's too!) We're all very educated - degrees and diplomas abounding - but finding paying work, let alone work in our fields, is tough.

In a way, I feel a bit like I took the easy way out, creating my own work. Working for yourself is definitely not easy at times, but it just seemed like such a simple solution for me. And it surprises me sometimes that more people aren't doing it. We live in a world so different from past generations - the opportunities available to us are numerous - why do so many stick to the same traditional path? I don't feel very revolutionary working for myself, but am I more of an anomaly that I realize? I'm just kind of thinking out loud here, I don't know if those questions even have real answers.

It's true, some fields don't really allow for much variation (science and law, among others), and I salute those who pursue those paths. I have a dear friend who loves bacteria & viruses. Her face truly lights up when she talks about her studies and I just love that. I love that she has found what she is passionate about - her enthusiasm is infectious! (pun intended haha)

I don't want to make this into a 'do what you love' thing. Because sometimes you can't and you have to slug through the tough stuff. But remember, that in everything, God has a plan. Read Esther if you need a reminder :)