Artist Love: Holly Sharpe

Does anyone else get a little nervous when they email others about possible blog features? I don't know why I get a bit worried, but I do and I'm always so thrilled when I get a 'yes!' in reply!

You may recognize Holly's work from my Etsy post a few weeks ago. I adore her work and was so excited when she agreed to a little interview & giveaway for you guys!! You can check out her shop here, and keep reading to find out what inspires her gorgeous art!

Sketch V
Who is your perfect customer? Does she have a story?
I wouldn't say that I have a perfect customer. I would just like to think that people buy my work because it either inspires them, or helps their mind to wander or simply because they think it is beautiful. So I guess their story is just to have an appreciation and awareness of these things.

Peacock Girl II
What inspired you to start selling your sketches & artwork?
I guess when I first started to sell a few drawings this made me realise that people actually wanted to buy my work, so this prompted me to continue doing what I was doing and hopefully the demand would still be there. Aside from that, I wouldn't have enough space to keep them all!! I don't plan on ever stopping creating artwork so it has to go somewhere!

Some of your pieces have a very 'mixed media' & layered feel, what's your jumping off point? 
I always start with an idea, concept or feeling, that I can't exactly put into words, but I just build on this feeling and then the artwork is in some way my translation of this idea/feeling. Since this idea is often relatively complex, the mixed media/layers helps lend itself to convey whatever it is I felt the urge to convey.
Fashion Illustration
Is there a cool back-story behind one of your prints?
A lot of my work has come from so called accidents. Which either come about from sketching, or taking things to the next level - like when I think a drawing isn't working, I am not scared to ruin it, so I try something different or crazy and often that is when I have 'break throughs'. Or on the odd occasion when I am feeling really angry or more passionate than usual, I just feed this into my work - which sometimes works and other times doesn't... and probably ends up making me more emotional than to begin with! Photoshop is also a great tool to experiment and put things together easily that you maybe wouldn't have otherwise thought of, or had the time to do. Photoshop is a super fast way to test out if something is going to work or not. There have definitely also been some 'aha' moments amidst the 'accidents'. It's hard to pin point them exactly, but usually I need these moments to take my work further and to expand/develop a series of drawings/illustrations.

What is your favourite item in your store?
Hard to say.... it changes all the time. For now I think I would say, the original drawing of 'Afterglow'. It was part of a recent commission I did for Derwent pencils.

Thankyou so much Holly! Loved reading about your design process. The way other creatives work is always inspiring to me :)

If she wasn't lovely enough already, Holly has offered the gorgeous print below for one of you to win!

'Tribal Girl' (colourway) - A4 hand-finished and signed, digital print on 100% recycled cotton rag, beautifully textured and thick. Due to the handcrafted nature of this paper the edge of the paper has a natural, slightly torn finish. Hand-finished with ink and pen to bring out details and/or colours, this means that each one is unique.

I've left the image quite large, so if you open it in a new tab you can see the gorgeous texture of the cotton rag. I'm a wee bit jealous I can't enter this one :)

You can enter via the Rafflecopter widget below (might take a second to load):

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Be sure to check out Holly's shop! You can visit her on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram too!