November Calendar & Goals

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I like the openness & warmth of summer, but I think I'm a winter person. That isn't to say I love everything about the season, but the colours, the coziness, the celebrations (almost all of my family have winter birthdays) make me happy. In keeping with the colours of the season, this month's calendar is plum-y & purple-y :)

Like most, I have a list of things I'd like to accomplish this month, but some are definitely more urgent than others. Nothing like announcing it to the internet to stay on track :)

+ Finish reading Psalms. I started a few days ago and am around Chapter 40, which sounds good until you realize there's 150 chapters. Just a few more to go :)

+ Paint my room. This has been on several to-do lists this year and this is the month! No more procrastinating!

+ Develop new design packages. I've got some new services in mind and I want packages to reflect that. I also want a good range of packages for different budgets. More to come soon!

+ Along with the new packages, I want to update my portfolio & add a testimonials-type page.

+ Design/plan bridal shower for my best friend - we've got a date for early December & time is ticking!

+  Film/post more videos. I'm going to commit to 2 this month, and any extra would be bonus.

+ Research/plan for new office space & equipment.

I feel like I'm forgetting something so I might be back to update this later. What are your goals for November?