Post-Conference: 2 Month Check-In

There are so many amazing conferences available for bloggers now. BlogPodium is the only one here in Canada for design & lifestyle bloggers, but there are so many others. There's so much to learn and so many people to meet and the post conference 'high' is so exciting!! But what happens after?

So you went and conquered the conference (even if you're an Introvert!). You talked, you listened, you met old friends & made new connections. You took notes diligently during the speakers and have implemented a few of the ideas. You came home with a whole new zeal for blogging. It was like your blog was brand new again - you had a never-ending stream of ideas and a whole new batch of skills to implement them.

But then, life got a little busy. Maybe it was sickness, maybe it was school or work, maybe other people needed your attention more - whatever it was, you slowed down, the zeal slowly dissipated, and you find yourself back almost like you were before the conference. Tired, maybe a bit frustrated or bored with your blog and not sure what direction to take it in. All those new skills you learned are slowly regressing and your ideas seem uninspired.

Maybe you're not quite there yet, but you can see it coming. There's always a post-conference 'high' that happens right after. It was such a good experience & such a fantastic day, but two months later, the 'high' is gone and you've still got to make it work.

Thus, the 2 Month Check-In.

It's far enough after that you've got some perspective on the whole situation, but not far enough that the people you met and skills you learned are completely forgotten.

Life doesn't happen in the 'high' following an event. It happens in the decisions you make each & every day. And even if it takes you a few days or weeks or months, you can implement the changes & use the skills you went to the conference to learn.

2 month post-conference check-in

Here are 5 things you can do to overcome that post-conference slump:

ONE // Pick a day, and go back over your notes. There's a good chance that there's something in there you've forgotten about. With so much new information being thrown at you, you can only take in so much. Which is why you took good notes :) Now you can go back and remember & learn the things that didn't sink in the first time.

TWO // Commit to implementing or implementing one new change or skill to your blog/life every month. If you're up for more, maybe make it every week or two weeks. Set a schedule if you have to! Write it down in your agenda or phone. Commit to making it happen, or else it never will.

THREE // All those pretty business cards you collected, where are they now? Go back through them and make a point to connect with as many of those people as you can. Follow them through at least one site (twitter perhaps?) and maybe leave them a nice comment or retweet one of their posts. Any kind, thoughtful gesture will do.

FOUR // Along those same lines, reach out to someone you met, but have a conversation. Email/twitter works, but in person is even better! Not sure what to say? There's probably something that you bonded over at the conference - food, fashion, design, decor, blogging, life, work - anything!

FIVE // Was there one big thing you were wanting to do after the conference? Maybe it was a collaboration, or a guest post, or a blog series - that one big idea you had that got you so excited to be a part of this community. Whatever happened to it? It's never too late to start (but always too late to quit!!) so make a plan. That great new friend you made? Why don't you swap blogs for a day? Maybe you can collaborate on a new series or linkup - the options are as endless as your ideas :)

With all of these tips, keep in mind that everyone's life & schedules are different - what works for one person may not work for someone else. So do what you can and work at your own pace. Be realistic & kind to yourself!

Is there anything I missed?? What have you been doing since BlogPodium? (or the last conference you went too?) Any great ideas you've been working on?