3 Simple Christmas DIY's

For the bridal shower I threw my best friend, I incorporated several DIY's that I thought would add some fun :) And the best part is, most of these ideas can be used year round, not just at Christmas!

Glitter Mason Jar

Their sparkle gives off the loveliest light to any tablescape :)

These jars are perfect for holding things or using as candle holders. They give off the loveliest sparkle :)

You will need:
Clean mason jars (olive oil & dish soap works really well to get any sticker residue off!)
Your choice of glitter (I used gold & a dash of bronze)
Tape (whatever you have lying around, I used painters tape)
A brush/sponge
Large piece of paper

1) Lay the large piece of paper on your work surface. This will be used to catch any loose glitter & if you fold it in half, works as a funnel to return glitter to it's container.
2) Tape off your jars. I eyeballed the bottom third of the jars and taped the whole way round.
3) Apply a layer of Modge-podge to two sides of the jar.
4) Sprinkle glitter from container directly onto the jar - make sure you're overtop the paper!
5) Gently shake any loose glitter onto paper.
6) Repeat steps 3-5 for other two sides and bottom of container (if desired)
7) Repeat steps 3-6 for a second coat of glitter, if you feel necessary. (I did)
8) Remove tape while glue is still wet.
9) Turn jars upside down and let dry completely.
10) To protect the glitter (and any surface you place the jars on), paint one more layer of Modge-podge overtop. Let dry & enjoy!!


Paper Banner

Used as a backdrop to my Christmas tablescape :)
See how lovely it looks above the bird wrapped around the tree?

This banner can be customized to any occasion. I used green, red, gold, cream & brown paper (solid & patterned!) to create a lovely holiday banner. It can be hung anywhere - the back of a display, or even around the tree!

You will need:
Twine, cut to desired length
Coloured or patterned paper (scrapbooking paper works really well)
Paper punches in desired shapes (I used squares, circles & stars - all around 1-2 inches)
Double sided tape

1) Punch two shapes for every one you want in the final piece.
2) Once you've finished punching, plan out shapes on a flat surface before attaching them to the twine.
3) On the backside of one of the pair, place double sided tape. Make sure the tape touches the twine, and then place it's pair on top. Essentially, you're creating a paper sandwich around the twine.
4) Continue attaching the rest of your paper shapes.
5) Hang & enjoy!!


Cookie Favours/Gifts

I thought it would be a lovely idea to send all the guests home with a treat after the bridal shower :) Thankfully, one of my best friends & baker extraordinaire was also on board with the idea! She baked up her famous sugar cookies & decorated them with white icing & edible silver beads. But the possibilities are endless if you decide to do something similar!

You will need:
Your favourite cookies
Translucent bags (mine are from here)
Decorative tap or stickers (the gold stripe tape I used is from here)

1) Buy or bake your favourite cookies. Thankyou Kirsten for these sugar cookies :)
2) Place 2-3 in each bag, seal with pretty tape or sticker.
3) Give as gifts or favours at any holiday party!


Let me know what you've made this holiday or if you plan to make one of these!!