Gift Guide 2013: Artists & Creatives

We all have those creative people in our life, so hopefully these ideas help you think outside the gift-card box!

watercolour palette // Real watercolourists (is that a term?) are so talented, but even with little-to-no skills, watercolour is so fun to play & practice with. And who knows! You might just inspire the next great artist :)

camera strap // Anyone with a DSLR knows that the basic camera straps are fine. But they are so boring and easy to confuse with other cameras. Custom straps are a fun touch to the usual black camera equipment.

wacom create tablet // Does this need an explanation? Any creative that doesn't have one of these would love to see one under the tree!

pretty notebook // To hold all those pretty ideas :)

le pen set // You can't write down pretty ideas without pretty pens!

film camera // Film photography is still having a moment (and probably will for a while still!) and any photo buff would love to play around with a toy camera. Plus, picking photos up from the print lab is really fun too :)

watercolour paper // Luxe paper is such a treat to work with! And makes any novice painter seem much better.

gallery canvases // More appropriate for oils or acrylics, the big thick gallery wrapped canvases are fantastic to paint on. Plus it's kind of fun to hang work you've created!

Anything I missed?