Cheers to 2014!

Happy New Year!

I've been thinking about this post for a week or so now. I thought about posting it before my holiday blog break, but then I thought it might be nice to post it on my three year blog anniversary. Kind of can't believe it's been three years. A lot has changed but I do still enjoy this little space I get to share with you :)

I'm a muller-over. When I get an idea or thought, it sometimes takes me a little while to fully form what I want to say in a cohesive way. And this is what I've been mulling over lately:

You may not be special, but you are unique. Who you are & where you've been & whatever life has thrown your way - all these things come together to create you. And there is no one on the earth quite like you. You are here for a reason - a purpose if you will - even if you don't know what it is yet. And no one else can fulfill your purpose the way you can. It is unique to you. Whatever you do in life, it will never be identical to what someone else is doing. It never can be. So yes, admire and respect and be inspired by others, but do not - do not - let what they are doing influence you negatively. Do not compare, do not gloat, do not be unkind. Behaviour like that helps no one, especially you. You cannot fulfill your purpose while you're looking at what everyone else is doing - nothing happens while you're comparing. You are you. You are not them, and they are not you. You are where you are for a reason, never forget that. 

With that in mind, here are some of the things I want to do/be this year,

Keep it classy. Be kind - to yourself & others. Be thankful - show your gratitude. 

Stop comparing. It's not only the thief of joy, but of everything. 

Be creative. Learn new skills. Try those things you've always wanted to.

Here's to 2014! What are your wishes for the new year?