Playing Small

The quote above is not new - the whole quote can be found here - but it's been swirling around in my mind lately. 

See, I bought a new computer last week. Compared to my current laptop, this new desktop is huge. I've been setting it up and sorting out, but I don't have Photoshop on it yet. Since I use Photoshop everyday,  I'm still using my old laptop. 

I'm kind of anxious/scared/afraid to switch everything over to the new computer. On some level (and I know this is somewhat irrational, just bear with me) it feels like a big computer = big things. Like I need to start working on big projects with big announcements and big results and big this and big that and that's just too much big. So, I'm 'playing small'. Still working from my old, small, comfortable laptop. And that's just no good for anybody.

So this weekend? No more playing small. I've been wanting/needing a new computer for ages. My trusty old laptop is on it's last legs and can't do the things I need/want it to do. Change is good. Change is important. Change means I can work on 'big projects', but only if I choose to. My playing small serves no one, especially the one who I want to glorify with my work.

No more playing small friends!! Who's with me??