Top Eight Calligraphy Fonts

I have been on a bit of a calligraphy kick lately. I've always loved calligraphy fonts, but the pull to create my own lettering has set in. I found an old calligraphy kit from when I was younger that I never used (the kit came with everything but ink #fail) and mixed up some ink with my watercolours and have been practicing away.

There are so many great letterers & calligraphers out there, from Kelly to Lauren to Molly to Lindsey to Emily, that researching what nibs are best, what pens to use, what ink doesn't smudge, etc. has been so enjoyable. I'm certainly not excellent at it yet, but I'm definitely getting better! It's really fun to create letters with a nib & ink, something lost when using a digital font.

But, for those moments when something digital must be used, these 8 fonts are perfect. The top four are free to download, and the bottom four are premium. To me, the different between a calligraphy font and a script font is the weight of the letters. Scripts are generally the same weight across the whole letter, whereas calligraphy fonts thicken & thin the way they would if it were handwritten. I'm especially smitten with Carolyna Pro Black at the moment - it's how I would want my calligraphy to look :)

Anything you're smitten with lately?