Nailed It: Minty Magenta Hearts

Why hello!!

Glad to be back and sharing a sweet mani idea today :) I've seen several versions of this floating around the web, but I wanted to try a colour combo that I am totally in love with - mint & magenta!


one // Paint your nails and let them dry completely. I painted mine the night before with Essie Big Spender & Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet (previously seen on my mermaid nails!)

two // Cut out your hearts! I used painter's tape, but any tape or even bandaids would work. The best way is to fold the tape in half and cut a half heart, so when you open it up, your have a nice symmetrical heart. Tip: fold the tape in half sticky side out, so it doesn't stick together when you're cutting.

three // Apply the heart stencil. Make sure to firmly press down on all sides.

four // Fill the heart in with a sparkly polish :) I used Butter London Fiddlesticks.

five // (not pictured) Remove the stencil quite quickly after you apply the polish. Let the heart fully dry before applying any topcoat to avoid smudging your heart. (You can see I did this a little in the first photo of this post)

I added a little glittery half-moon to another nail, just for some added sparkle :) I love nail art that's super easy like this - no special tools or skills needed! Let me know if you try this look out!!