Nailed It: (Very) Abstract Floral

If you saw yesterday's video, you might have caught a glimpse of these nails. My original intent was a floral nail, but I wanted a more abstract/watercolour-y version. This is what I achieved - the 'floral' part is maybe a bit of a stretch, but they sort of look like flowers if you squint hard enough :)

I used all the colours I received from my March Julep Box - Margaret, Monaco, Princess Grace, Lizanne, Lilou - as soon as I saw them all together I thought they'd be perfect for some sort of nail art. I didn't end up using all the tools I gathered in the first photo, but I had it all on hand in case. I did add a bit of glitter, but some nails turned out better than others (story of my life). The other two Julep polishes in the top photo are Simone & Shenae.

Mainly, I used an-unbent paperclip to 'dot' the flowers on my nails. I find dabbing a bit of polish on wax paper or tinfoil helps, as does letting the polish get a little 'tacky' before dotting. I did my left hand completely, and then my right hand, which is why there's two rows of polish - the first row had dried by the time I was doing my right hand.

It's not a super complicated process - dot, swirl, repeat - but I might try a different technique next time I try a floral mani. The nails from this post are calling to me...

It might not have turned out quite like I was hoping, but I still do like it. The glitter probably helped :)

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