Top 5 FREE Small Business Resources

I have officially dubbed this 'Business Week' on the blog! Shared my fonts yesterday, my favourite resources today, and I have a few more posts lined up for the rest of the week too :)

The 5 resources above are all fantastic. And FREE. While several of the ladies below also have classes or books or things for sale, I love that they offer so much valuable info at no cost.

1 - Biz Ladies Column
I mean, if you don't know or read this column, where have you been?? So much good stuff in those archives!

2 - The Lively Show
Jess's new podcast is off to a fantastic start. I've been a long-time reader of her blog, (which is another great resource by the way!) and I love how Jess approaches business. In addition to the podcast, her ebook 'Wish I Knew' is great, and she has online classes & one-on-one coaching if you want to dig deeper.

3 - Marie TV
Marie is smart, hilarious and so knowledgeable. Her videos are fun to watch and present the ideas in easy to digest formats. Again, her blog is another fantastic resource.

4 - Go Your Own Way
Kristen has packed tons of awesome information into her eBook. I will mention the minor language inside (in case that's not your thing), but the valuable info definitely outweighs that for me.

5 - The Everygirl's Career Profiles
The Everygirl has been featuring amazing women in business since it's inception over 2 years ago. This series is one of my favourite features on the site, although everything on there is pretty great.

There are so many other resources out there - be sure to check locally too as most cities have a business resource centre - but I want to know, what are some of your favourites??