Weekly Links (on Orbs, Disney & Dark Florals)

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I've got some fun links to share that I found over the last week...

1 - I went looking on my 'beauty' pinterest board for floral nail inspiration, and found this image pinned 3 times - one, two, & three - clearly I love a dark floral :) (if anyone knows the original source of these - please let me know!!)

2 - Some good thoughts from my friend Ashley on being yourself on the Internet. I certainly don't think everything needs to be shared on the internet, but I think there's a way to share what you want while remaining honest to yourself.

3 - This one has two parts - things millenials don't know, and things gen-x's don't know  - and while I did know more from the second list, there were some things I knew from the first. And there were things I'd never heard of on both. You?

4 - You might have seen this going around last week, but I had to share. If you haven't read it, you really need to: Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney

5 - This Q&A with SJP is fun, but the glimpses of her home are what most design nerds are looking at :)

6 - I get asked a lot, "So what is 'new media'?" and while my answer changes, this I do know: if I were still in school, this would be discussed in class: 'Space Replay' (my general answer? It's a mix of art, design, tech and communication, with a dash of 'whaaat?' thrown in :)

7 - We've been having glimpses of warm weather, so I've been doing a little spring browsing online :) This crochet skirt is calling my name...

8 - Ever wondered about going to the Oscars as a non-famous person? Jennifer Lawrence's friend spills about her evening.

9 - (bonus!) A little bonus post that Jen shared over the weekend, 'On Failure' is something I think we all need to talk, or at least acknowledge, much more often than we do.