Weekly Links (on Reading, Typography & Chia)

Hello! Hope you had a lovely weekend!! Popping in to share a few links I've been loving over the last few weeks - what's been open on your browser?

1 - Web design is 95% typography - agree or disagree? ( I'm in the 'agree' camp)

2 - Chia as a drink - I tried this last week and it wasn't as weird as I thought. I'm quite used to chia pudding though so maybe that helped?

3 - The 10 Commandments of Typography - too good!

4 - Healing cavities naturally - if this is true & works, that's pretty cool!

5 - Pretty nude heels - I'm debating these for a wedding this summer - thoughts on these?

6 - New app helps you read novels in 90 minutes - it does seem to work for me, but would take getting used to I think. Also feels a bit strobe-like? haha

7 - I know the Olympics ended last month, but this still makes me smile :)

8 - Do you read the 'Terms of Service'? This site helps you know what sites have good/bad terms quickly.


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