8 Reasons to Attend BlogPodium This Year

Earlybird tickets for BlogPodium go on sale this Saturday. Are you coming??

Back in early spring 2012, I was debating going to one of the first BlogPodium events. I think it was $50, and I thought that was a lot for an afternoon in Toronto talking about blogs & business. Looking back? I cannot even tell you how glad I am that I went. I remember leaving to catch my train and just beaming all the way home. I loved every single second and I would have payed double for how much I enjoyed it.

I don't remember what it was that convinced me to go that first time but here are my top 8 reasons why you should go this time:

ONE // Conversation
This blogging world is still so new, and it's changing constantly. Spending time with people who just get that? You can't put a price on it.

TWO // Connection
Along those same lines, the people of BlogPodium are fabulous. Even if you only walk away with one or two new friends, so worth it. 

THREE // Information
The keynotes & sessions are jam-packed with info. From advertising to branding to collaborating, everything is covered.

FOUR // Skills
Ever wanted to learn photoshop? Or how to use that scary looking power tool? BlogPodium has skills based workshops as well as information based ones.

FIVE // Sponsors
BlogPodium works with some of the best sponsors. Para Paints is this year's title sponsor, but in the past West Elm, The Home Depot, Indigo, minted, Delta, Etsy and so many more have taken part. 

SIX // Location
This year BlogPodium is taking place at the Fairmont Royal York. I mean?? And you get breakfast & lunch there too. 

SEVEN // Goodies
I know it's not very polite to talk about free swag, but there's some pretty awesome free stuff given away at BlogPodium. Between the BlogPodium bags, the sponsor gifts & special prizes, there's tons of awesome stuff. And who doesn't love a goodie bag??

EIGHT // Unique
Sure there's Tweetstock & other related conferences, but this? There is nothing quite like BlogPodium anywhere in Canada.

So will I see you in September??


top photo by annawithlove