All Yellow

Well, it's not quite all yellow. But my newly painted stool is mostly yellow :)

Para Paints sent me a sample of Plantain Chips (their 2014 Colour of the Year) several months ago now, and I was stumped. Yellow is just not a colour I gravitate towards at all.

And so it sat, waiting. I debated doing something with it on a huge canvas, but wasn't sure what to paint. And so the can of yellow sat patiently waiting.

I've had this little stool for ages. It's plain, solid wood top and off-white legs had both seen better days and were screaming for some attention. And one day I clued in - this could be my yellow project!

So I busted out the sandpaper, some primer (just some spray stuff for the wood top) and got to work! The white paint is actually ceiling/trim paint from Para as well - it was in our BlogPodium bags. It was a lovely crisp white, perfect to go with the bold yellow :)

I did wonder about taping off the legs and doing a more colour-blocked look, but it would have taken forever to tape off 4 legs at the exact same height and I wanted it to be more fun.

While it was still disassembled, I painted the top slab, top 'brace' bits, and the top chunk of the legs in yellow (after giving them a coat of white.) I sort of stopped a bit above where I wanted the yellow to end, let it dry, and then did the paint drips. I watered down the paint so it would drip a bit faster, and then just dabbed it on with the end of a small paintbrush. Nothing very scientific I'm afraid!

I added more paint to some drips and less to others, and let the paint go where it wanted. I tried to keep it less fussy and more free form.

I did touch up a few spots after, but for the most parts the drips did their thing. The solid yellow bits took maybe 3 coats? I wanted to be sure everything was covered. It went on so smoothly though that I didn't mind.

That sad little stool? Is very happy now indeed :) And it looks so good with my grey walls.

Well Plantain Chips, I think you've converted me to yellow. Maybe not everywhere, but definitely in fun little spots like this!

Where do you stand on yellow? Would you ever use a colour like this?


Disclosure: Para Paints sent me this sample of Plantain Chips with no condition to mention or use it. All thoughts & opinions are my own. They don't even know I'm writing this post :)