Sweet Spring Cards

A few weeks ago, when the #bloggerfavthings hashtag was going around Twitter & Instagram, I realized how little I send in the mail. Sure I receive things I order online, but I couldn't tell you the last time I sent a card or gift in the mail.

Staying in touch online is so convenient & easy, but the extra effort to write a card & send it? It's something I want to do more often. I don't know what it is - does it feel more personal? caring? - but there is something special about holding a physical letter in your hand from a friend.

I love all the sweet cards above - the Quill & Fox Etsy shop is one of my all time faves - and I kind of love the idea of getting personalized stationary. Something very grown up about it :) And minted has so many options, I had a hard time picking some for this post!

What's your favourite shop for stationary goods?


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