May Julep Box + Video

Back with another Julep Box review!! This month was the Fresh Twist collection and I loved every colour in the lineup! I ended up choosing 4 - Paulette, Jeanne, Kam & Jules. You can see the bottles & hear my thoughts on them in the video above.

This month Julep also released the Plie Wand. This is a tool designed to work seamlessly with Julep bottles, but can be used with other brands as well. The long handle allows you to have more control, and the 'bendy' quality allows you to adjust it to your needs.

I definitely need some more practice with it! haha I do like it, but I'm not 100% sold yet. For those of you that really struggle with painting your nails, you might just love it - but for me, I've got my own system down now after years of painting my nails so it felt a bit clumsy at first. But who knows, maybe after a few more uses I'll love it :)

I thought the colours in this month's box went together so well that I came up with a mani to use all four shades, and a few extras as well :)

The 'blue hand' was a more seamless gradient than the 'pink hand', but I still loved both!

And don't forget you can get your first Julep box free with the code FREEBOX! Just fill out their style profile here & you're all set :)

Do you think the Plie wand would help? What colours are you wearing on your nails this spring?