Nailed It: Striking Gold

I don't know if you caught a glimpse of my nails in yesterday's post (or last week's Instagram), but I wanted to show you how to do them because it's so simple but has such a big impact!

I had blush & gold last week (there's a better photo below of that!), but when I first got April's Julep box, I wanted to try a white mani. White by itself can look a little stark, so I wanted to add something and thought gold would be perfect.

I used OPI Goldeneye and Julep Brigitte for this look. You could freehand it if you wanted, but I prefer a crisp line.

To achieve the look, all you need to do is:
1 // Paint your base colour and let it dry completely (preferably overnight).

2 // Cut a piece of tape for each nail. Doing one hand at a time, place tape firmly to cover the area that will stay white (or whatever you choose as your base colour).

3 // Paint one coat of your secondary colour in the area you've left bare. 

4 // Going one nail at a time, paint a second coat and remove tape immediately after.

5 // Finish with your favourite top coat (mine is currently Sally Hansen Diamond Shine).

The combinations for this look are endless, but I particularly love a creamy base with a sparkly swipe :) And this is perfect if the tips of your nails are looking a little rough but you don't want to redo your whole mani.

What combination would you do?