6 Gorgeous Mani/Pedi Combos

August is only a week or so away, so soak up all the summer that you can!! These 6 combos are my favourite for summertime (I'm wearing the first two on my hands & feet right now!!) and I had to share!

I will wear anything on my fingernails, but on my toes I tend to prefer something a bit brighter/darker (no pastels please!), so I would wear everything on the left for my hands and everything on the right for my toes, but they could go either way :)

Chanel Frenzy (greige) + (bright pink) GOSH Flamingo
Nars Trouville (soft coral) + (intense turquoise) Nails Inc Warwick Way
Julep Paulette (shimmery mauve) + (navy) Marc Jacobs New Wave

I threw in some more bold combos (mint & magenta! sky blue & red!) and some more conservative/traditional (greige & pink or cream & burgundy) as everyone has different tastes/workplace requirements.

And a few little tips if you've read this far :)
1 // Sally Hansen Earl Grey is an almost identical polish to Chanel Frenzy. (which is not as green as the photo above appears. It's definitely a soft greige)
2 // Scotch Naturals is wearing so well on my toes!! Usually polish does last longer on toes than on hands, but I still get the occasional chip. I've had Stiletto on my toes for 2+ weeks and it looks just the same as the day I painted my toes! I know they use very different ingredients (they're water based) so that must explain it. But I'm seriously impressed!!
3 // If you love turquoise polish & have never seen Nails Inc Warwick Way in person, RUN to your nearest Sephora! It is absolutely gorgeous, and photos never do it justice. (Same with Marc Jacobs New Wave - it is definitely navy in person!)

What are your favourite combos for summer??