New Month, New Plan

I haven't been super happy with my organizational skills as of late. I have a planner and I do write down the things I need to do, but I usually feel like I'm just always playing catchup and can never get ahead.

Have you heard of Nancy Ray? Her work is gorgeous, but it's her attitude towards her life & business that I find inspires me the most. She did a whole series on how she organizes all the different areas of her life, and one thing that really jumped out at me was a book she mentioned, Ordering Your Private World. It was the sort of thing I noted, planned to look up on online & maybe order.

I'll admit, I kind of forgot about the book. But one day as I was perusing the family bookshelf, I found a copy. I can't tell you how many times I have looked over those bookshelves, but I never once noticed this book before. I absolutely 100% believe that timing was divinely inspired, so I knew I needed to read that book.

Um, it was so what I needed! A good old fashioned kick in the pants to get me started on a new journey towards being organized in every area - my work, my time, my space, and my spiritual life.

I don't have everything quite figured out yet, but I love the feeling I have of just knowing I'm headed in the right direction now. I've got a new planner (couldn't resist!), some new goal setting Power Sheets (so pumped!) and a whole new outlook on things thanks to Gordon Macdonald (& Nancy Ray!)

What keeps you organized? Any good books or tips I should know about?


ps, Chapters shipping is usually super speedy, so if you order today you might get your new planner in time for August! And don't forget to enter to win a print from Live Love Studio!! The perfect motivation to hang above your desk :)