Limed Oak

Chalk paint. Can we just talk about it for a second? I know it's not new to the blogging world, but having never used it before I was little skeptical. Some things just can't be as good as everyone says, right? But this is one case where what everyone says was definitely accurate. 

It was last year at BlogPodium (which ps, you're coming right?? There's still a few tickets available for this year!) that I was given a copy of Annie Sloan's book, Color Recipes for Painted Furniture, but it wasn't until we were debating what on earth to do with our old oak buffet that I really flipped through it. There are a ton of gorgeous ideas, but the one that really stuck out to me was the 'limed oak' project.

The buffet is old. And had seen some better days. But it's still a solid piece of furniture that we wanted to keep. We debated painting the whole thing a solid colour, but both me & my mom loved the idea of 'liming' the oak with chalk paint.

Our ever helpful assistant giving it one final inspection :)

We emptied the drawers, moved it onto an old sheet and started painting. No prep, no sanding (thankyou!!), just paint. The whole idea of limed oak is that you 'push' the paint into the grain and then wipe off the excess. We didn't remove all the excess just because we wanted the whole thing to feel a bit lighter, but you can really see it in the grain in the next few photos.

After painting, which took barely any time to dry, we gave the whole thing a coat of clear wax. It gave everything a 'soft' finish and made the wood look really good. I buffed in a little extra wax on the main top area just because it gets so much use.

I did tape off the keyholes, which helped keep them from getting too gunky with paint/wax. The pulls I removed and painted separately.

So happy with how the whole thing turned out! And super pleased with how easy chalk paint was to use. I'm already planning what to paint next :) Every surface is going to be covered in Old White soon haha

We purchased our Annie Sloan Chalk Paint & Wax from Painted Out, which has tons of great products & ideas. I chose not to purchase a 'proper' wax brush from them, and instead bought a pointed round brush from the hardware store. I was really pleased with it and was glad to have saved quite a bit!

What have you used chalk paint for? (or if you haven't tried it, what do you want to use it for??)