Weekly Links, Summer Edition

I was planning to post some links last Friday, but the day got away on me. Saved those and added a few more for today's post :) Some of my favourite/most interesting reads & finds from around the web...

1. This Is Not a Vermeer. Art & forgery vs replicates and what's next. (medium.com)

2. How Brands Are Using Your Instagram Shots for Marketing. (fastcompany.com)

3. The cutest new planner from Kate Spade. (Chapters Indigo)

4. Rainy Mood - for when you're craving that gentle pitter patter :) (rainymood.com)

5. Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule - so insightful! (paulgraham.com)

6. A password changed my life. You've probably seen this but just in case...(medium.com)

7. How to set a custom white balance. (wonderforest.com)

8. Authentic modesty. (shelovesmagazine.com)

9. Pricing experiments - really neat to see the 'why' behind pricing. (conversionxl.com)

Hope you have a lovely long weekend!!