Bridal Party Makeup

Last week, I shared some photos from my Sophie's wedding makeup trial, and this week, I wanted to share what we used!

Now, below is what was used on the bride, myself, and some of the other bridesmaids as well (um, one person doesn't need to wear three foundations at once haha). Since we all have different skin types/concerns, I thought it would be good to show everything in one place so hopefully this can be helpful!

Prepping & priming your face will go a long way in ensuring the rest of your makeup stays on all night long. Eyeshadow primer will be a lifechanger for those with oily lids, and setting spray just holds everything together.

Foundation & Concealer:
My biggest tip here is to make sure your foundation matches your skin!! Go into a store & let them match you. Please don't make a guess in the beauty aisle of the drugstore :) And make sure it has the right undertones too! No one wants to look like an oompa loompa on their wedding day.

Powder & Contour:
Make sure the powder you use doesn't 'flashback' (no ghost face please!) and even if you don't contour day-to-day, it will look fantastic in photos, so learn how (tons of Youtube videos out there!) or get someone in Sephora or at a beauty counter to show you.

My rule of thumb is nothing too 'harsh' (no thick liner like a certain princess either), so I love using eyeshadow as eyeliner and 'smoking' it out a little. Go with colours that accentuate your eyes - Sophie has gorgeous blue eyes so dark brown accentuated them perfectly! I have my own custom palette that I've built over the years, but if you need an instant palette, these two are my top picks.

If you know you'll be crying, go with waterproof of course! But try it out before your wedding and make sure it makes your eyelashes look nice too :) There's tons of great drugstore brands, but these are my favourite high-end picks.

Not everyone can rock a bold lip on their wedding, but I couldn't imagine Sophie in anything else! The rest of the bridal party went a little tamer - my all time favourite lipgloss is the one above. It's that perfect 'lips but better' colour with a hint of shimmer and I need to find some backup tubes asap! haha


What did you do for your wedding makeup? As a bride or in a bridal party? I'm doing another wedding this weekend and am relieved that makeup will be my only duty (I was Sophie's maid-of-honour as well last month!). After this, a break from all things 'wedding' will be very needed :)