I am feeling really thankful lately. Thankful for an amazing community of bloggers & designers who make things like BlogPodium possible. Thankful for the opportunities I've had to not only speak on things that matter to me, but to work alongside crazy talented people who make things happen. Thankful for the work I do & the people it brings my way - have some really awesome people filling my inbox these days :) Thankful for this little blog space, because without it? I honestly have no clue where I'd be right now. And I know that probably sounds strange, but so much has happened because of this tiny blog. People & work & opportunities that I couldn't have thought up even 5 years ago. My blog will never change the whole world, but it has changed my world, and for that, I am incredibly thankful. xo, B

BlogPodium recap coming soon! Trying to condense it into one post takes some mulling over. 

Some weekend reading to keep you busy :)

If you're feeling crafty this weekend, these tray DIY's from Tiffany Pratt are so fun! Loving the gold stripes - need to actually make this one!

Brittany's recap from BlogPodium is really good. Love her 4 big lessons!

Jen's recap post was great too - there's always a few overarching themes that you just can't plan :)

This post from Rachel on getting what you really want is inspiring - no time like today!

The Lively Show podcast this week with Kate Arends of Wit & Delight was excellent!! Lots of good advice & info packed in :)

And in case you need to slow down a little, this post from Kate's blog is just for you :)

For more discussion on perfectionism, this post on Forbes is excellent.