Artist Feature: Randa of I See Noise

I know many of you across the border will be celebrating Thanksgiving today, but for those that aren't (or for those popping in here before dessert ;) I have a really shiny artist feature today!

I See Noise is a shop full of gorgeous, shiny, metallic prints that have this crackled effect that makes them so unique. (Along with inspirational quotes and fashion illustrations!) Randa has a serious eye for design & I'm so excited to be featuring her shop today!!

What inspired you to open your shop? Who do you imagine shopping there?
When I first opened up the I See Noise shop on Etsy, I didn't intend for anything to happen. In fact, I thought it was just something fun to do. After my first order my parents said to me "Randa, you don't know what you have here. This is going to be huge!" I thought okay...okay... thanks parentals!

I was unemployed when I made my first prints and made them for myself. My blog readership from saw the images and immediately asked to purchase them. I took the chance and said "They're available in 2 weeks". This was my chance to call something my own - that's what inspired me.

I imagined a girl who sips lattes, likes to dress up herself and her home and enjoys all things sparkly would purchase my prints. That's the girl who I was when I was first started. I have grown so much since then and so have my shoppers. It's such a wide selection of women and men who purchase my prints now!

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful
What is the process of creation like?
Unfortunately, that is something that I keep very hush hush. But I can tell you that the inspiration process is super fun! I'm always inspired by my Pinterest board, my friends and family and as of late - a sleek minimal design. I'm currently working on collaborations with other artists, so bringing in their aesthetic has been inspiring.

Chanel No. 5
The majority of your shop is full of foil prints, what is it that you love about the metallic medium?
The foil prints are what I started with. I was in awe of the texture and loved how they looked when the light hit them just right. I was the first shop in Canada to open up with foil prints so it was something I had never seen before - I just thought it was so special!

Vintage Perfume Bottle
Is there a cool back-story behind one of your prints?
I like this question haha it reminds me of all of the prints that I thought were cool and they just were not! The mens collection was my 'aha' moment. I always had women ask me for custom orders for their husbands because the felt left out - awe! So, I started an entire collection just for them.

Lipstick Kiss
What is your favourite item in your store?
That's a really hard question! I really do adore so many of them but my most favourites are... The skull, diamond, whiskey bottles, lipstick kiss, find beauty quote, logic doesn't produce magic quote, black Chanel nail polish and the Chanel bag.


Thankyou so much Randa!! I love that you just took a chance when you're readers asked & gave yourself 2 weeks to figure it out! Nothing like a kick in the pants to get to work!

All of Randa's foil prints come in silver & gold, and she even has a few illustrations too! Be sure to follow along on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook to stay up to date on all her new collections. And you must check out her shop - there's so much more than  the few prints I've shared in this post.

I am loving my 'Diamond' & 'Vintage Perfume Bottle' prints - the foil is gorgeous in real life & the 'crackle' effect gives it just a little edge. A gallery wall is never quite finished ;)


'Diamond' & 'Perfume Bottle' photographs by Britt Douglas, all others from I See Noise