Instagram to Twitter

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that all my Instagram photos have been popping up in your feed. No, Instagram & Twitter haven't decided to become BFF's, but they have a mutual friend called IFTTT :)

If This Then That is a personal 'recipe' creator that you can use to trigger any action you like. In this case, any time a photo is posted to my Instagram account (@brittdouglas_), IFTTT takes it & posts it to my Twitter account (@bhdouglas) with the photo & a link to the original Instagram photo #genius

I've linked my personal recipe below (there should be a little 'add' widget & a link underneath too) so you can share your Instagram photos to Twitter too.

IFTTT Recipe: Tweet Instagram photos WITH link to original Instagram post connects instagram to twitter

Be sure to follow me on Instagram if you liked the photos in this post, and if you already use IFTTT, I would love to know your favourite recipes!