Artist Feature: Tracey Cameron (+ Giveaway!)

In my first year of blogging, I did a little post featuring several images with a 'peacock' theme. Sadly several of the image url's have been removed, but the peacock print I featured has been hugely popular on Pinterest!

I received several questions about it, so I reached out to the artist letting her know & updated the post with where the print could be bought. Just a few weeks ago, Tracey reached out letting me know she had a few new paintings up in her shop & I am so thrilled to share them with you all today!! I just love full circle moments like this :)

What inspired you to open your shop?
I opened my shop, and make art in general, to help people create inspiring and positive homes and living spaces. I hope my art work will help them feel a little more enlivened and optimistic about the everyday world. It's not about creating or maintaining an image of perfection but celebrating the imperfect joy that surounds us if we just take a moment to breath and let it in.

What is the process of creation like?
I start each project with a spark of inspiration, usually from nature, and then I like to sketch out a composition with pencil crayons. I use a new colour of pencil for each revision creating a layered colourful line drawing which I will then transfer to cold pressed Fabriano water-colour paper. From there it's a matter of being loose and quick with the painting process but allowing enough dry time in between the layers so I'm not always painting wet to wet but not wet to dry either. The paper needs to be slightly damp so the edges retain a certain hardness when the colours bleed and mix with layer underneath. From there it's a matter repetition and experimentation. I will then scan the painting and digitally enhance it a bit by either adding or taking away layers and cleaning some of the splatters.
Circle Peacock
Most (if not all) of the prints in your shop are watercolour. What do you love/hate about using that medium?
I supremely love the fluid and bleedy nature of watercolour, but your right there is a little bit of hate in there too. You can try and control watercolour, but it's best to guide it and then take a step back and let the medium do what it wants to do. For me it's like life and a lesson in detachment. You can't be too concerned with the outcome and have to see the beauty in the surprises and lack of control. And not to mention be willing to do the painting five times until you get it just right!

Horizontal Peacock
There are currently three peacock prints in your store, what drew you to paint them?
I was inspired to pant a peacock after a trip to the Calgary Zoo. At the zoo there are two or three roaming peacocks and on a visit there with my boyfriend one peacock decided to spread his magnificent tail right in front of us. I loved the colour, the texture and the drama of that moment and tried to combine it with something modern by using the paisley pattern. I did three versions just to explore the colours and shapes in different directions.

As you can tell by my shop I am very interested in birds. I was even nicknamed the "bird lady" by one client as they are my preferred subject matter. I think it's because birds and the ability to fly represent freedom to me. Not too mention all the size and colour variations that are present in the bird world, I'll never get bored.

Is there a cool back-story behind one of your prints?
It was on my Vulture paining that I discovered how the bleeds of water-colour can mimic the texture of feathers and from there an passion for birds was born :)

Ombre Ravens
What is your favourite item in your store?
My favourite print in the store is the Ombre Ravens. I love the rose colour of the background combined with the blue purple of the birds, and the gradation I was able to achieve on such a large scale. The original painting is 20" by 30" and currently hangs in my house.


Thankyou so much Tracey! Be sure to visit her shop here to see more of her gorgeous work.

Tracey has very generously offered to give TWO people TWO of her bestselling prints! Peacock & Circle Peacock could be yours :) Enter through the Rafflecopter box below.

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