Just a few things that have captured my love & attention lately...

Psalm 23
I know it's an incredibly popular passage, but when you slow down & really dig into the words? It's so beautiful. Thankyou to Grace for opening my eyes to it's meaning again. 

Perfume & Pearls
Me & Balenciaga go way back - back to the days of living in downtown Toronto & falling in love with this chic scent. And double pearls? So fun!

I mean, art always makes me happy :) But handprinted, imperfect, limited edition loveliness from Kelsey of Pinegate Road? Over the moon!

I promise I didn't plan to match my nails to my new Chapters mug on purpose, it was just a happy accident :) Both colours are from Julep's December box, and the gold monogram mugs are currently 50% off!