Behind the 'Gram

I really do love Instagram, but sometimes it's styled ideal can be more than a little unrealistic. Thought I'd share some behind-the-scenes thoughts from a few photos I've posted in the last month :)

There are days the top of this desk can barely be seen, so it was in dire need of a clean-up. I'm happy to report it still resembles this photo, although there might be a few other beauty bottles added ;) 

This shot taken from the car a few weeks ago is still one of my faves, even the dirty windows. This is real life after all ;)

While my desk is often this messy, it's only ever this 'styled' when the camera comes out :) Other wise I'm sure I'd be bleeding everywhere from those gold tacks. And my pen holder is usually kept upright haha

I get a bit bored with the usual nail photos, so I tried to style these a bit. Needless to say, this was a great idea in theory, but oh man the outtakes are awkward haha

On the few 'milder' days we've had (read: barely above freezing), getting outside for a walk has been a nice break from my desk. I took this same shot back in the fall - what a difference 12 weeks can make! 

And finally, my challenge for 2015 is to learn calligraphy! I bought some ink & nibs online, took a course from Molly Jacques on Skillshare, and have been practicing every day since. The topmost sheet in this photo was full of capital B's, and the bottom sheet has a nice splat from when my nib & I didn't quite agree ;)

ps, if you sign up through this link, we both get a free month on Skillshare. They have tons of classes - I have my eye on several more!

Any stories to go along with some of your Instagrams?