Julep in Review: 2014

You've heard me talk about Julep boxes quite a bit on this blog,  but I usually don't go back afterwards to update you on my thoughts after I've used a product for a while. Thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do so, especially since I've found so many great products from Julep! (though in full disclosure, there have definitely been a few duds too!)

Eye Sheen ('Pale Nude') - I saw a lot of comments about the formula of this; how people were expecting a more solid cream shadow & thought this liquid one was odd. I love the formula of this though because it 'sets'. So my oily lids aren't a total grease-slick halfway through the day like they would be if I used a regular cream shadow. A total keeper for me.

Ink Gel Eyeliner ('Black') - I liked this a lot. My first experience with gel liner & while it would never replace liquid for me, I did like it. However, I looked at my jar a few weeks ago & saw something similar to this photo here. Don't think I'll be using this again...

Angled Brush - Nice bristles, good weight to the handle, great brush.

Polish ('Love') - I don't think I've worn this since, but it's so pretty! I thought it was a great bonus item for Valentine's day & the gold cap was extra special.

Polishes ('Lilou', 'Monaco', 'Lizanne', 'Margaret', 'Princess Grace') - All the cool blues & greens? Love, will wear a lot. The yellow & orange? Not as much - they're just not my colours. In fact, I wore Lilou to see if I could wear a yellow & several people commented that it was not their favourite colour on me.

Lip Gloss (in 'Awestruck') - I still reach for this almost every day. In fact, I bought a backup in November because I love this gloss so much!

Blush ('Peach Bellini') - Love. Use this almost every day. Packaging is great, colour is gorgeous, love!

Bronzer ('Light Golden Bronze') - Julep's customer service was great & sent me out a new bronzer asap when my original one was smashed in the mail. The colour runs a little warm for me, but I'm super pale so most bronzers do. I do like it & use it quite a bit, just with a light hand haha

Polishes (Jet & Brigitte) Classics! I didn't have a black or white (shocking I know...) so these have both been used multiple times, usually for nail art but also for full manis. Great shades!

Polishes ('Jeanne', 'Paulette', 'Kam', 'Jules') - Gorgeous spring shades! I love how they all work together & I will wear all of these again & again.

Plie Wand - Truth time. I don't use the Plie Wand. I was excited to try it out & see, and it's not a case of dislike or anything, but I already have a routine for painting my nails & I found the Plie Wand a bit awkward. I still want to work with it & I'm planning to pick up the creativity kit because I think it will be GREAT for painting thin lines or dotting, but for my everyday manis? Not something I use. However, I think if you struggle with painting your nails & want something to help steady your hand, this would be perfect.

Gel Eye Glider ('Blackest Black') - A great black eyeliner! Glides on smoothly, stays put. I do prefer self-sharpening or twist up liners, but this one is still really nice.

Polishes ('Neha' & 'Tazeen') - I wore both of these at my best friend's wedding in August :) Tazeen on my hands (our dresses were hunter green so it was perfect) and Neha on my (hidden) toes. Gorgeous colours & I can't wait for summer again to paint my toes! haha I also used Tazeen for this holiday mani.

Mascara ('Go Big') - A nice, black mascara. I wouldn't repurchase, but it creates nice, natural looking volume and doesn't go too 'spidery' or clumpy for me.

Polishes ('Shari', 'Devon', 'Malala') - Shari ended up surprising me & became my new favourite neutral polish. Devon is lovely too with it's microshimmer, but Shari stole this box for me. Malala was a bonus item that came with my favourite 'Awestruck' gloss (it was cheaper to buy the add on than to buy the gloss separately) and I'll admit I haven't worn it yet. Warm pinks don't usually work for me, but I'll have to give it a try soon.

Orbital Eyeshadow ('Supernova') - Beautiful shadow! I like applying this wet to get the full impact of the purple/pink colour shift, but it works dry as well for a more toned down look.

Polishes ('Sienna', 'Ilga', 'Paula', 'Nell') - Loved all the shades! Sienna is a gorgeous gold foil & Ilga is that perfect vampy red that doesn't look black. Paula is just my kind of colour :) And while Nell wasn't a perfect match for Butter London's Tart with a Heart, it's still a gorgeous sparkly polish!

Nail Stickers - I wore them for this mani, and they lasted a few days before I had to apply a bit more topcoat to keep them laying flat. I was able to use one sticker for 2 nails which means they'll last longer, since you don't get a ton of stickers in the pack.

Blank Canvas Lip Primer - I haven't been able to bring myself to use this much, the chemical smell is just a bit off-putting. Maybe that will wear off with time though? I'll give it another few shots before I give up, but I'm glad I didn't pay for this (was a bonus item in my box).

Overall, I was really pleased with almost everything I received in my Julep boxes last year! I use the beauty products a lot, and their polish is consistently good. I already picked up January's box (review coming soon!) and February's box has another bonus this year so it might just need to be picked up too haha

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