Favourite Calligraphy Resources

I have loved lettering & calligraphy for a long time, so a few weeks ago I decided to give it a try! I did some research, bought some tools, and have been practicing ever since :) For those of you wanting to try calligraphy too, I gathered all my favourite resources to help you get started!

The Year of Lettering

Kelly's tumblr

is full of gorgeous inspiration, but she 

shares all her secrets

 too! I found her resources invaluable when I was looking to buy my own.

Molly Jacques Modern Calligraphy Course on 


(If you sign up with the link above, we both get a free month!)

From how to hold the calligraphy pen, to forming letters, to supplies you'll need & worksheets to help, Molly Jacques shares it all! And it was so handy to visually SEE someone doing everything, rather than just a photo.

Besotted Blog - 

Nib Identification System

I think I purchased almost all of the nibs mentioned in that post, simply because I didn't know where else to start! Tristan also shared a few of her favourite supplies 




Intro to Calligraphy


If you're in the Toronto area, Ashley has held two calligraphy workshops already with Post Calligraphy & The Paper Place, and with all the interest there's bound to be more!

Scarlet & Gold - 

Free Webinar

I haven't taken their webinar yet (coming soon!) but their 


 is always full of inspiration :)

Your favourite calligraphers

I'm not suggesting copying these calligraphy greats, but many of them have kits to purchase with all their favourites, or teach classes you can attend! I love the behind-the-scenes sneak peeks many of them share :)

Molly Jacques Illustration 

Laura Hooper Calligraphy

 (I love her 



Saffron Avenue

Type & Title

Post Calligraphy

Green Tie Studio

Blue Eye Brown Eye

Or your favourite 

calligraphy fonts*

There are so many styles of calligraphy, and sometimes visualizing them through a font can help you find your favourite style & narrow down your practice.

Where to buy

And all this help is no use if you can't purchase anything :) I bought all my supplies (minus the paper) from 

Paper & Ink Arts

. Their prices are good, shipping was quick & there's just so much fun stuff to look at! You might even have a local arts store that sells calligraphy so be sure to check those out too.

If you're diving into the art of calligraphy too, let me know your favourite resources! I love this community because we can all learn together & support creative endeavours.


* denotes an affiliate link. I may make a small commission, but there is no additional cost to you!