Winter Skincare Essentials

This winter has done terribly dry things to my normally oily skin. I posted a few months ago about some of my favourites, but I've added a few new things to my routine to help battle this winter dryness. 

clockwise from top left

This is everything from day to night, from my hands to my face. Fresh & Caudalie have pretty much taken over my skincare; my skin loves them & just feels better when I use them. I bought a 3 piece kit from First Aid Beauty, and while the cleanser was not for me, the moisturizer & radiance pads are both really great. Some people get weirded out by putting oil on their face, but I swear since I started using coconut oil to remove my makeup that my skin looks better. I've even used it as a moisturizer when nothing else is working!

What are your favourites for keeping your skin happy in the winter? Any hidden gems I need to know about?