Being an INTJ

So, this post started months ago and has been sitting in my drafts ever since. I don't often have posts sitting in my drafts, but when I do, they tend to sit there for a few months haha

Why do I want to talk about this? Well, being an introvert (opposite of extrovert, explanation found here) is a part of who I am, and I think it's often misunderstood. All that being an introvert really means is that being around people constantly drains you, and to recharge you need some alone time. It doesn't mean that you and shy or quiet, although introverts often are. Introverts enjoy being by themselves and work quite well on their own.

I think a big part of why introversion is misunderstood is because it makes up a smaller portion of the world's population. My personality type, INTJ, only makes up about 2% of the population, and female INTJ's only make up .8%. (source) So if you're an INTJ (hey!!) or know an INTJ, maybe this will help?

I should probably back up a little, for those who are reading INTJ and have no idea what I'm talking about. INTJ is one of the 16 personality types of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The first letters are 'I' for introvert and 'E' for extrovert. The second letters are 'N' is for intuition and 'S' for sensing. The third letters are 'T' is for thinking and 'F' for feeling. And the fourth letters are 'J' is for judgement and 'P' for perception. You are one of the two option for each of the four letter spots. So, the complete opposite of me would be ESFP. I find it really fascinating, and if you haven't ever heard of these and are interested, a quick Google search will provide some great reading :) You can take the test online here or you can just read the personality profiles until you find the one that seems like someone read your brain.

For every letter that you are, there's a scale. So you can be 'slightly introverted' or 'moderately feeling', if that makes sense.

I've put the rest after the jump because, um, this kind of turned into a huge post haha

I am the classic introvert. And a pretty classic INTJ. Although sometimes the descriptions for INFJ's and ISTJ's fit a little too, probably means that my N/S & T/F scores are fairly close.

"It is not easy for the INTJ to express their internal images, insights, and abstractions. The internal form of the INTJ's thoughts and concepts is highly individualized, and is not readily translatable into a form that others will understand. However, the INTJ is driven to translate their ideas into a plan or system that is usually readily explainable, rather than to do a direct translation of their thoughts. They usually don't see the value of a direct transaction, and will also have difficulty expressing their ideas, which are non-linear. However, their extreme respect of knowledge and intelligence will motivate them to explain themselves to another person who they feel is deserving of the effort." (source)

I love reading through explanations of INTJ types, because even though they are 'general', it feels like someone got into my brain and knows how it works. The quote above is a perfect example. I often have a hard time explaining my thoughts or thought process. My brain has 'systems' (maybe not the best word, but I can't think of another) that don't make any sense when I try to explain them haha

One thing that is true is that I know what I know, but I especially know what I don't know. I love to know how things work. I don't often care about the 'why' behind things (theory is not, and never will be my strong suit). You will never catch me thinking, "Why did someone paint a blue line down that canvas?" More typically, my thoughts would be similar to: "How did they get the line so straight on such a big canvas? What tools did they use? How did they get the canvas in this room?" I had several whole classes in university about theories and couldn't tell you much from any of them.

This rings so true with me: "Anyone considered to be "slacking," including superiors, will lose their respect -- and will generally be made aware of this." (source) I have little patience for inefficiency and incompetence and (while I'm not proud of this) don't tend to be quiet about it - I can be very quick to judge. And if you are discussing something I am not knowledgeable about or have no interest in, I will not take part. I truly detest arguments over the silly details of any topic - it makes my brain hurt.

I don't consider myself to be an 'idea' person, not to say I don't have them, but I prefer to be given an idea with a problem and fix it. Problem solving is fun for me. In first year of university, we had to build a 4 foot globe for a project and no one in the group could figure out how to build the inner structure of it. I had the solution in my brain pretty quickly, but it took a few minutes to convince the group.

"To outsiders, INTJs may appear to project an aura of "definiteness", of self-confidence. This self-confidence, sometimes mistaken for simple arrogance by the less decisive, is actually of a very specific rather than a general nature; its source lies in the specialized knowledge systems that most INTJs start building at an early age. When it comes to their own areas of expertise -- and INTJs can have several -- they will be able to tell you almost immediately whether or not they can help you, and if so, how." (source)

I have been told on several occasion in my life that I appear very confident, even though it might not be one of the first words I would use to describe myself. Reading the above makes so much sense to me and the way I work. See? The things you learn about yourself :)

Other bits that spoke to me (mainly from here):

- They may be idealists (impossible is nothing) and cynics (everybody lies) at the same time. (Gosh, yes.)

- They enjoy improving ideas and systems they come in contact with. (Yep, I do this quite often)

- Have an unusual combination of both decisiveness and vivid imagination. What this means in practice is that they can both design a brilliant plan and execute it. (Never thought of it that way, but very accurate)

If you've never taken this personality test, I highly recommend it. It is so fascinating to read the results, and often so helpful to read about friends or family member's results. We are all different and understanding how other people think and process things can be incredibly eye opening. Sometimes I think we're so used to the way we do things, we forget that others may not do things the way we do.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is not the be-all-and-end-all of personality definitions. People are more complicated than the 16 types presented, often having qualities from a mix of the types. 

I could talk about personality types and introverts for a while, but I want to hear from you!

Have you taken the personality test before? What were your results?

You can take the test here, and read about the different types here, here, here and here.

Look Who's Back!

Hello again!!!

I am back and I missed you all! The past two weeks have been some of the craziest and most rewarding weeks ever. But from complete mishaps to our fantastic opening, I wouldn't have had it any other way :)

For those who don't know, I was focusing on my fourth year thesis show, META. I was one of the curators/organizers, and while we've spent the past 8 months preparing for it, nothing could have prepared us for last week! Three days to install, three days of show, and one day to take it all down!

We had some crazy amazing press and advertising this year, from blogTO, Akimbo, and Ryerson Folio, as well as the crazy amazing sponsors who we could not have done without!

Opening night exceeded all of our expectations with maybe 500-600 people in attendance when we were expecting maybe 350. But it all went so well and everyone seemed to love it! My best friend was in town and I managed to persuade her to take some photos on her fancy camera :)

The final piece above won the Cristina Taborda Memorial Award in honour of a former new media student who passed away a couple years ago. The award was well deserved as the piece was incredible!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the little peak into my school life from the past two weeks! A bit surreal that it's all over now! Graduation is only that much closer :D

I hope your week is off to a lovely start!!


All images taken by Sophie-Jayne Hunter. Please do not take or use without permission.

Future Plans

Good evening!

As the new year begins and  my graduation date looms around the corner, thoughts of what to do with my future and the future of my blog swim around in my head. I do have a little plan in my head, so hopefully I can roll out some changes here over the next few months. Don't want to spill all the beans just yet, but I will say it involves a little of the following :)

Might need to buy this print and make it my new mantra :)

A dash of beauty,

 A pinch of fashion,

And as always, a heavy dose of design & decor :)

Hope you've had a lovely first week of 2012!!!


One Year Later

Good evening friends!!

One year ago today, I started this blog. It blows my mind a little haha To think that one year ago today exactly, I typed up my first blog post, and blogged for 365 days. Pretty crazy stuff.

This week I'm going to be looking back over my first year of blogging, and sharing my plans for the year to come. Because, um, I think it's going to be pretty friggin' awesome :)

One year later and I'm so glad I started this blog :)

Thankyou so much for joining me and my little space over the past year! I adore each and every one of you! Happy 2012!!!



Good morning!!

Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon with one of my best friends that I haven't seen in over a month. We went to one of my favourite cafes for lunch, took a walk, swung on some swings, had some tea, and watched some TLC haha It was so fun and the weather was so nice! My legs even got a little tiny tan! (Although that might just be the fake tan I've been using....)


Anyways, the lovely Alexa & Kirby over at The Short & Sweet Of It gave me the Versatile Blogger Award so I thought I would do that today! The rules are that you have to share 7 things and then pass it along to 7 other bloggers!

1.  I am a Mac. I currently have a MacBook, but I would love an iMac!


2. I am a Christian. I don't tend to go to church when I'm at school because I haven't found one that I like, but when I'm home, it's church on Sunday mornings with the famjam. And just between us, I do sometimes miss a Sunday here & there...
3.  I want a porch. A nice big one with room for a dining table at one end and seating and swings on another.

4. I heart books.


5. I feel like Paris would be my city. But I've never been, so I can't confirm that statement yet. I'll let you know when I go :)


6. I miss Art History class. It was so neat to learn all about that world and all those famous paintings.


7. I am so glad I started blogging! I have met so many amazing people and discovered so many things that you can't find anywhere else! It has been exciting and awesome and fantastic experience! Can't wait to see where it'll go from here :D And now I can't look back and say "Man, I wish I had started blogging".


And now to pass it along,
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And to all of my fabulous readers who would like to do this!!

Hope you all have a lovely day!



I've feel the need for a ramble-y post about some thoughts. So if you are here for pretty interiors, come back tomorrow for a Colour-by-Room :) Today is gonna kinda be about me haha

I've always sort of known I wanted to be in the field of design. But it wasn't until last summer that I definitively decided I wanted to become an Interior Designer. After spending 4 years to get my BFA, I do not want to attend another 4 year program, so I've been looking into tons of second degree & masters programs in Interior Design. I won't be starting until the fall of 2012 at the earliest, but I'm excited already :D

I currently attend Ryerson University for New Media. For those wondering, new media is everything from electronics & coding to video editing & graphic design. Pretty much anything to do with art, technology and design. My skill base has so greatly increased these past 3 years, it's crazy! I came into the program knowing how to work Photoshop, and now I can code HTML, build circuits, draft ground plans & elevations, use Final Cut & After Effects, along with many other things. I have some exciting news coming up at the end of April that involves some of this, so stay tuned!

Speaking of school, thankyou to all of you for your kind wishes about my show last Saturday!! It went pretty darn well considering we had 2 weeks to pull it together haha I designed the floor plans for the show, which I would probably change were we to do it over, but you know, hindsight is always 20/20 :)

I love the Dr Seuss quote above :) I feel it's kind of appropriate for where I am at in my life right now. Trying to figure out where to go and what to do. Hoping it all turns out ok haha I think it will. Time will tell I suppose :)

(My nails are super blue as I'm typing this and they make me smile :) Almost neon, but not quite. It's Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Pacific Blue.)

Anyone in blogland in need of a design intern this summer? I'd be a pretty awesome one haha

All I want to do lately is design gorgeous interiors, but I still have a year of new media, followed by whichever interior design course I choose. So I'm looking at least another 3 years of school. Blergh. I know I'll miss school once I'm done, but right now, I know I'm not gonna miss it this summer haha

Well, that was pretty ramble-y haha Hope it wasn't a complete bore to read. I promise a FAB room tomorrow to make up for today's lack of pretty interiors :D

Hope you all have a lovely day!


{image from here}


A big thankyou to Rachel over at Little Bits of Lovely for nominating me for the stylish blogger award!

 For those of you that don't know, when you are nominated you share 7 things about yourself and then pass the award on to some of your favourite bloggers!

I thought about doing seven sort-of design based things about me, but that's not very fun since you get to read about my design tastes every day so I thought I would do seven completely random things about me that you would never know otherwise haha (In no particular order...)

I love tea. lovelovelovelovelove! But no herbal teas; black tea all the way. Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Orange Pekoe, English Breakfast, and Chai would probably be my top 5, no wait, forgot about Cream Earl Grey, so top 6 then haha And there is some herbal teas I like; there's a coffee shop near where my parents live and it serves this amazing pomegranate and coconut white tea that is lovely in the summer! I even considered taking a course on tea, but one school program is enough at the moment :P

Cream Earl Grey

I am an extremely picky eater. I think I must have an over-sensitive palette or be a 'supertaster' or something. (I'm going to do that test after I finish writing this post haha) Because cucumber has a smell to me, but my mom says it doesn't have one. It definitely has one haha And I also don't like food with different textures, like bread with seeds in it or salsa or chili or wild rice. I prefer my soups blended with no chunks. My mother hates me sometimes haha

I love nailpolish and nailpolish blogs. Other than design blogs, the only other type of blog you'll find in my blogreader are nailpolish blogs. I love hearing about new collections. I probably have around 50-60 bottles, which isn't anything when you look at the collections of the big nail bloggers who have thousands, but is pretty substantial for a regular person I suppose :P

I love books in general, but have a soft spot for Agatha Christie's murder mysteries. I love them! I have copies of something like 1/3 of the books she wrote, and the plan is too hopefully have a copy of every book she wrote! She wrote 80 books according to her Wikipedia page, so I've got a bit to go :P

Agatha Christie

I have one brother and a sister-from-another-mister-also-known-as-my-BFF. I honestly think my brother is one of the funniest people I know and I'm super jealous of his funny-ness because I didn't get the funny gene. His comebacks are so quick and so clever and he has the best one-liners. I've told him many many times to become a stand-up comedian. My BFF is my other half. She is everything that I am not and I am everything that she is not; we are literally like two halves of a puzzle that fit together perfectly. Our friendship makes no sense some days, but I am so glad to have met her and have her in my life :) (I've just spent like half an hour going through photos of us, so now you get my top 3 favourite photos of us in the past year haha)
At a Christmas party last month.
That's me on the left.

At camp last summer.
On the left again haha
At the ROM last March.
Switching it up on the right :P

I love the UK. I visited a couple summers ago with my BFF and her mom and brother (they're originally from over there) and fell in love! The scenery, the food, the people (and the accents haha) - I love everything! Okay, except maybe the damp-ness, but that's the only fault I can think of. I love UK design style; some of my favourite homes from magazines are UK based. I hope to travel there more and maybe live there someday :)

I really like to paint! I prefer acrylics, but I'm taking a set design class where we have to use watercolours and I'm looking forward to trying them out; I love the look of watercolour. I had an Etsy shop where I had some of my work listed, but it failed for more than one reason. Hopefully this summer I can get my act together and actually sell some of my work :)

I dislike the number seven, so I'm going to do eight :) Eight is my favourite number because when I was in elementary school, my textbooks were always number 8 because of where I fell alphabetically. Also because when you turn it sideways it's infinity, which is kinda cool. And when I write it, I draw two circles, which is like a mini-snowman haha

Well, now you all know my little crazy bits haha Hope you still enjoy reading my blog and I will be back tomorrow with a colour-by-room post!

I would also like to nominate these fabulous bloggers:
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(And if I've forgotten anyone, I'm sorry! Feel free to do this post if you want to :) )

Hope you're all having a lovely week!


ps...still not entirely sure how I feel about posting pictures of myself online, but I know a lot of bloggers do...any thoughts or advice on this??

So Good Together

When I was buying furniture and bedding for my apartment at school, I decided on a grey and yellow sort of scheme. My room has changed a bit since then, but I still love this colour combo!

This room was on the cover of an old Martha Stewart Living magazine that my mom has. I've always loved it for the awesome mirror display!


Even with other colours thrown in, I still love this combo!


I hope you're all not freezing like I am! Woke up to -24 yesterday, which was not cool. Spent yesterday doing homework in bed my apartment was so cold!

Hope you all have a lovely (and warm haha) day!