Soft Grey

 Morning! Love having random long weekends like this past one :) Something so nice about sleeping in on a Monday.

One of things that happened during my little blog absence was some painting! Specifically, my room - which I've talked about painting a light grey for almost three years now. ( I went and checked - here's one of my posts from 2011) Finding the right grey is hard y'all haha

I bought a test pot in a colour I was almost 100% sure of, but it looked way too dark when I got it on the walls. (It was very similar to Cornforth White by Farrow & Ball) So I went up to the very top row of my paint deck and chose Special Edition by Para Paints. It went on looking very white, but dried to this subtle soft grey that I am in love with. It changes a little depending on the light, sometimes looking more greige, sometimes more lilac, but it's beautiful.

New walls call for new art right? Painted the verse above just after finishing my room - the gold is gorgeous against the grey!

And my ever-expanding art wall is below. This is just a small segment of it :) Yes, there is a sideways print there until I find something else. The watercolour in the middle is from this Etsy shop, and most of the other prints are by Leigh Viner. The tiny canvases are from a project years ago, and the giant canvas above my bed (two photos up!) was painted by me as well.

Just for fun, some shots of my new desk! The new year has been full of changes already :) I used to work from the dining room table, so this is a very welcome change.

The disco ball is fantastic when the sun comes out :) And when I have some, my little jar is full of Wint-o-green candies.

Feels so good to finally accomplish something I've been planning for quite a while. Now to just put all the final touches together and share the final tour!! You can find some of my old plans & thoughts for this room under the 'bedroom' tag. Funny to see how my plans have evolved :)

Hope your week is off to a lovely start!


Changes & Pretties

Good evening :)

Well if you can't tell already, my new blog design is up!! I loved the old font, but I've been wanting something more substantial and solid, so I went with this. And it has a subtle ombre from more brown to more grey. So in love with how everything turned out!!

AND Barbara has a new blog design too :) We've been working on it for a few weeks now and it went live last night/early this morning. And if you're looking for a new blog design, be sure to check out her blog tomorrow for a little giveaway :D

Okay, on to the promised pretties!! Since I'm home for reading week, I decided to document my room as it is right now. Lots of pretties, but not quite finished haha

My shadow box full of keys and buttons and sparkles :)

My Anthropologie 'B' mug with some pink flowers :)

A kitty in the mirror! (and maybe an unmade bed? haha)

Twilight Blue by Leigh Viner :) Waited for years to order this! SO glad I finally did!!!

31 Rue Chanel by Leigh Viner

Laurel wreath monogram on canvas :) Collections of bits & bobs in front.

Silhouette lady. Canvas is probably 20x30ish? She hangs above my bed :)

Shells from my grandma on canvas :)

And a flirtatious kitty  :)

Hope you enjoyed that little 'Tour of Pretties' haha Hopefully I'll have some proper room pictures in a few months as it all comes together :)

Hope your week is going well!!!!


Art Pour Moi, La Deuxième Partie

Good afternoon!

As I ponder the final piece of art to buy for my room, I thought I would share all the art that has been considered. I'm leaning to something Paris-y, with maybe a bit of pink in it. Soft pink though, not a bold pink. I think pink would look really good in the grey frame I have.

Silence & Noise by Leigh Viner
Paris is a Feeling by Irene Suchocki
Edinburgh Windows by Nina Moscrip
Chanel No. 5 by Christina Skrovanek
Windows of Paris by Jolly
The Suspension of Physics Necessary for All Athletic Endeavors by Colin Blakely
Live What You Love in Sweet Pink on MadeByGirl
Love Candy Gold on MadeByGirl

Any favourites? I know which one I'm leaning toward :)

Hope your week is going well!


Art Pour Moi

Good evening!

I've been re-doing my bedroom at home little by little over the past 6 months or so (school kinda gets in the way) and I think I've finally decided on the artwork for my room. I wanted to share it today and get your thoughts because you guys always have the best ideas :)

So, bit of background. I have two white IKEA Virserum frames, the $14.99 ones. So they fit an 8x10 with a good bit of matting around the edge. I then have two smaller frames, one is 5x7 and a light shade of grey and the other is 4x6 and is a darker grey. They were my brother's Christmas present to me last year :)

For the two 8x10 frames, I was thinking of these 2 prints.

Twilight Blue by Leigh Viner

The Royal Mile by artquirk

I have loved and adored both of these prints for so long. Twilight Blue was one of my first favourites on Etsy over 2 years ago, and when I found the The Royal Mile print last winter, I couldn't stop thinking about it.

For the small light grey 5x7 frame, I thought this photo would be really pretty.

A Parisian Street by Sarah Tucker

And this watercolour for the darker grey 4x6 frame:

Three Keys by reneeanne

I have a thing for keys, and for watercolour, so I thought this was perfect :)

Looking at it now, I don't know if I'm loving the Parisian Street photo. I think it'd be neat to have illustration prints for all 4...what do you think? Any thoughts or suggestions?

I have several other options on my bedroom pinboard, and I have wavered back and forth for months now haha And I totally thought I had it down until I wrote up this post... I'm definitely getting the Leigh Viner, key watecolour and royal mile prints. Fo sho. Just not sure about the paris one...

Hope your week is going well!!


Design-by-Room: Silver Grey

Good morning!!

Today is a special edition of Design by Room, as this is the plan for my bedroom! I know I've showed my plans before, but this a complete overhaul and I am so ridiculously happy with this plan!

1. Twilight Blue, 2. Edinburgh Windows, 3. The Royal Mile, 4. SEVEN, 5. bookcase idea, 6. IKEA Edland bedframe, 7. IKEA Byholma chest, 7. IKEA Virserum frame, 8. IKEA Ribba frame, 9. silver leaf lamp idea, 10. Farrow & Ball in Lamp Room Gray, Manor House Gray, French Gray & Savage Ground.

Okay, so. Artwork. 1-3 I've had open in tabs for over a week now. WANT. Perfect for my colour scheme and I adore them! I already have a frame for 1, and 2&3 will go in either white or aluminum frames. But I'm thinking white, because I might have another piece that would look ah-mazing in an aluminum frame. 4 is sold out, so I'm going to paint some sort of version myself :D

I want that bedframe. And I'm going to put curtains on it and make it pretty and comfy and oh-so-fabulous :D

I'm undecided about the chest. I love it and the colour and I have a spot for it in my mental floorplan, but ...? Not sure. Thoughts?

My bookcase is currently colour-coordinated, but I'm thinking of turning all the books around so the pages face out instead of the spine. Good or bad idea?

For lamps, my mom has these old dated (mint-green) lamps that are getting some silver leaf and new shades. And I also have a ceiling light/fan that is staying. (old house + bad windows/insulation + hot, humid summers = ugly fan is necessary)

And I also might be getting the new For Like Ever print. Because it's in grey!!! So friggin' awesome. My only problem is a frame. It needs a 24x36" (or 60x90cm) frame. And IKEA doesn't have any that size. Any thoughts on where to find one? It's standard poster size I believe.

All of my current bedroom furniture, which includes dresser, desk, bookcase, and a weird desk-shelf-add-on-thing is white. And I also have a gallery wall of old vintage frames in white.

For paint colour, my carpet is similar to Savage Ground, and I'm liking Lamp Room Gray & Manor House Gray. French Gray is leaning too green for my liking. I don't want the grey to be too dark, but I also want it to be different enough from the white trim in the room. I have 2 massive doors, a massive window, and 1' high baseboards around the entire room. Any colour suggestions?

Okay, I think that was everything. Any thoughts, suggestions, or comments are very welcome!!

I'm kinda super excited to get started on this when school is done! 4 more weeks to go :D

OH! And before I forget, be sure to check me out on twitter!! It's brand new and I'm kinda excited :)


Ballet Inspired & A Question


Lately I've been loving soft neutral colours, especially on my nails. I'm currently wearing Parlez-vous OPI by OPI and I love it! So I thought I would dedicate a little post to some gorgeous, soft, inspirations :)

And now for my question! I'm not super happy with the layout in my room right now. The first photo is what it was a little while ago, and the second photo is what it currently looks like.  (Click on images to enlarge them.)

Light blue = bed
Green = desk
Purple = separate desk shelf unit thing
Pink = bookshelf
Dark blue = dresser
Orange = table being used as nightstand
Yellow = nightstand

                                                                      one                                                                         two
These next 6 are some possibilities.  The weird thing on the right wall is from the chimney. It sticks out about 3 inches into my room. The other three walls have my closet door, my room door, and a window. So there's something on every wall that makes for an awkward layout.

                                                                     three                                                                        four
                                                                      five                                                                          six
                                                                   seven                                                                    eight

And finally, this is the layout that I think I'm leaning towards. I think. The nightstands got bumped just before I took the photo, so they wouldn't be so far away in real life haha And I do have a chair for my desk, I just didn't bother to measure it since it goes wherever the desk goes.

Thoughts? Favourites? Any other ideas?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Times Two

As promised last week, photos of my bedroom at home! Please keep in mind that this room is far from what I would deem 'finished'. It is definitely a work in progress still!

(And I know the photos aren't the best quality, but you can click on them to view full size :) )

First up is the main item in the room, the bed. See the pretty graphic floral? On sale in winners :) The grey accent pillows came with the duvet and the shams, but they're not the greatest. I'm definitely on the lookout for something else, but these two are fine as placeholders for now.

This wall of my room has about 1'.5" or 2" between the bed and the wall; enough to walk comfortably (or store stuff hehe). But it needs something on the wall. You can kind of see a giant canvas in the bottom of the right photo, and I am thinking of painting it and hanging it in this blank space. It's covered in a pretty floral fabric that I was trying out as an idea, but I don't really like it.

On the other side of my room is my desk (which is a complete disaster at the moment, thus no photos of it haha), my bookshelf, and my dresser. On top of my dresser is this collection of things that need to find a proper home. The weird pink-ish jewelry box thing is getting painted, I just have to wait until I can open some windows and not freeze haha. And the frames need photos.

Not going to lie, I'm kind proud of this bookshelf :D I organized it while I should have been studying for exams and I think it looks kinda awesome. All the books are the books from my childhood. So there's some Animal Ark & Princess Diaries, and old books of my mom's like Nancy Drew and the Bobbsey Twins :) And there's even some photos of little me haha (I have some more detailed & better photos of it, but I want to blur some of the faces in the photos on the lower shelves so those will be up another day :) )

Here's a close up of that fabric from before. It's actually a scarf from H&M and I loved the pattern so much I bought it to frame. I was trying it out on the canvas because I don't have a big frame at the moment, but hopefully I can pick one up at Ikea soon!

And here's the second bedroom! This is my tiny bedroom in my tiny apartment at school :)

Since buying this bed, I've realized that I don't love really low furniture, but it hits at the bottom of the window, so it works in this room. We weren't allowed to change the wall colour, and technically I guess they wanted us to limit our use of nails in the wall, but I don't mind polyfilla-ing the holes when I leave :)

 Right beside my bed is this massive wardrobe that came with the apartment. It's not the best ever, but it works (and it's too big and heavy to move anywhere else...).

 Right beside the wardrobe is my little purple chair and my invisible book shelf :) And you may notice the same purple-y floral scarf on the chair haha (took these photos before I took the scarf home :P)

 Close up of my awesome invisible bookshelf :) The little blue elephant was a gift from my BFF (If you look at my bookshelves in my room at home, the strange little animals on the shelves are also from her...sensing a theme? haha)

And then on the other side of my window is my little collection of pretty things :) I bought the fake flowers years ago and found them last summer and knew immediately that they would look awesome in my Ikea vase thing.

And that is it! There is of course more to both my rooms, but I had to throw all my junk somewhere to take these photos haha :P

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Keep in mind that both rooms are still unfinished and definitely not where I would like them to be to be considered 'done', but I'm pretty happy with the direction in both rooms.

Hope you all have a lovely day!


{All photos taken by me. Please email or contact if you wish to use them. Thanks!}

Colour-by-Room: Navy Blue & Coral Too

I guess I've had bedrooms on the brain lately; as soon as I saw this room I knew I had to break down it's palette. (And I promise I didn't intentionally turn this week into a bedroom week haha)

I also didn't realize until I'd saved the image and was ready to upload it that it kind of resembles the colour palette I'm working with for my bedroom at home. The blues are a little lighter and the greys are a little darker in my room, but it's very similar.

I've picked 5 items that I thought worked within this colour scheme, and I have to say that this print is probably my favourite. I love that it includes all of the colours (and it has some flowers, which I can never seem to resist...)

I was looking for a white based lamp, but then I found this and thought it kinda worked.
 There isn't necessarily a Moroccan theme to the room, but the footstool in the corner sort of seemed a little Moroccan so I thought it'd be neat to include one of these:
Graham & Green
I've always loved these linen cabinets from IKEA. It used to come in yellow and I adored it in yellow, but the red's pretty fun too :)
And of course, I included a pillow :)
Hope you enjoyed!


{top image from MWM}

A Good Start

Remember this post from a few weeks ago? I think I've settled on the IKEA bedframe. Mainly for price. But I was still debating on duvet covers. I have a double duvet cover that I bought in Winners; it's a graphic floral in grey and white. And I have still have a duvet from my old twin bed, which I now use on my new bed at the foot because the house is 100 years old and gets super cold in the winter.

Anyways, I've been looking on and off for a cover for it. Debating a solid colour, or a textured white, or something else entirely. I couldn't decide, that is, until I found this duvet cover at West Elm.


I'll take a picture of my home duvet when I go home this weekend so you can all see, but I think it would be perfect! The only thing I don't like is the stripes would be going the other way since I'd be putting it on a twin duvet and it lies width-wise across my bed. (Did that make sense? I feel like I haven't been making sense lately...)
West Elm
But I still LURVE it! (If you've seen the Star Trek movie gag reel, that will make more sense hahaha)

So. Here's the sort of colour scheme that I've been liking lately for my room. Two of the walls (we just won't talk about the mistake that is the other two walls...they're getting repainted this summer) are Lazy Sunday by Benjamin Moore. My bedding is grey and white. All of my furniture (desk, dresser, bookshelf) and trim (1 foot high baseboards and big, old doors) are white. And my carpet is just like a light sandy beige basic colour.

I love the idea of throwing some navy and dark grey (with the bed frame) in there. And then I kind of like the turquoise. Maybe not that exact shade, but I have this really cute bowl in my kitchen here at school and that's the sort of colour I was thinking of and this was as close as I could get from just viewing the colours online.

Maybe it's just the particular shade of turquoise that I chose, but I'm not really loving it here. I love the navy, but I'll have to keep trying with the turquoise. Any other suggestions for a fun colour to throw in the mix? I've thought of purple...might have to look into that more. Or pink? It is the colour of the year after all :)

I think I'll start a "Home Tuesdays" series and share thoughts and inspirations and questions for my own spaces. Because you know this is not the end of the bedroom discussion haha So check back next Tuesday for photos of my room at home and share your thoughts!!

Happy Tuesday!!


ps...sorry for the amount of run-on sentences in this post. Usually my grammar is a little better, but it's coming up to midterms soon and my brain is emptying out of it's usual knowledge for facts on circuits and coding and history... :S

{color chips from Benjamin Moore and the title of this post is from a song by Maria Taylor}

Bedroom Inspiration

So as I've already mentioned, I'm having a bit of a white-and-light phase where I LOVE everything white and light and airy and feminine. Especially in my bedroom.

Technically, I have 2 bedrooms. One at home, and one in my apartment at school. Since I won't be living here in my apartment for that much longer, I've been focusing on really making my room at home a mini sanctuary so I can come home and just relax. School has been crazy busy this year, and doesn't look like it's slowing down anytime soon so having a retreat away from everything school-related is so nice.

Anyways, I got a brand-new mattress last summer and it's super high and squishy and I love it! But I still don't have a bed frame. And I know I don't need one, but I just kinda like the look of it so, yeah. I'm getting one haha

My favourite look is definitely a wrought-iron type bed frame. The pictures below are sort of what I'm looking for.
Pottery Barn
Maybe not quite like the Anthropologie one, but I thought I'd put it in anyways.

Along with the gorgeous wrought-iron type bed comes beautiful bedding in shades of white :) I love white bedding with different textures piled on a bed.

Urban Outfitters
 My favourite is definitely the Urban Outfitters one, but you really can't beat IKEA for price. 

Thoughts? Advice? Love? Hate?

Hope you're all having a great week so far :)