Lighten Up

I have this notion that I would like a copper lamp. My style tends to be very traditional, but every so often I like a hit of modern.

copper light 2.png


I first spotted this style a few years ago on Zoe's blog, and loved the modern style with the copper finish. Between the exchange and the shipping, an order from the UK was never going to happen, so I've been keeping my eyes open for options on this side of the pond. Thankfully, quite a few stores now carry similar options!

Not all of the lamps above are currently in stock unfortunately - although you might have better luck in store. I think my favourite might be the one from EQ3. I like that the base is marble, and the scale seems just right for my space.

Now just to find a place to put it :) 

The Never Ending Gallery Wall

As I've been working to finish off my

gallery wall

, it hasn't been feeling quite 'right'. It needed something and I just couldn't place my finger on what it was. 

I've shared my original gallery wall on here several times (most recently




) and I'm still totally in love with it. So stumbling with this 'expansion', if you will, left me feeling a bit unsure.

I've worked with


a few times, so when they reached out to help me with my art problem, I realized this was the perfect chance to get out of my rut. You can see a bit of my plan above (to scale! With door, sconce, light switch & baseboards haha) and I love the idea of creating the wall around one or two 'big' pieces. That beauty front & centre is over 30"x30" and will be the perfect focal point. Everything else is a mix of prints I already own, prints I'm planning to buy (I really could do a whole wall of gorgeous

photos from Paris by Anna

:) and a few from minted too. I love the mix of old, new, and personal touches, with a dash of quirky thrown in!

You know I'll be posting on


the second I get everything hung up, but until then, you can explore all my gallery wall shenanigans on Instagram with the hashtags




Ps, if you love that '

Done is Better Than Perfect

' print I own, make sure you

enter to win

one for yourself! The


ends tonight!


Disclaimer: minted is providing me with the art to complete this project, but all thoughts, opinions & ambitious gallery wall ideas are my own ;)

The Story of a Gallery Wall

I love a good gallery wall (if you follow me on Instagram you already know that!) and I have to admit I'm pretty proud of mine. But it's not something that happened overnight. It has been collected & curated over 3 years and it's still not quite finished - there's a good chance it never will be 'done' - but I've learned a lot along the way.

I shared this thought a few months ago with a photo of my wall & it's still true now:

Wherever you are, remember that all good things take time. This gallery (which, lets be honest, is so not important compared to many things) took over 3 years. And there were many moments of not-so-pretty (and more than a few extra holes in the wall) to get it to this point. Things take time - nothing in life happens overnight. So keep asking and seeking and working, you'll get there soon.

All the photos I could find of my gallery over the past 3 years - along with my thoughts on collecting & curating your own gallery are below.

The two prints that started it all. I bought these prints from Leigh Viner during a holiday sale after admiring them for years.

Here's another shot from mid-2012 - link.

Hopefully you can see the evolution in the photos above, but it grew pretty slowly. At one point, I decided I was not happy with the arrangement, so everything came down and I planned it out with paper. I mixed up the frames, the type of art, and the colours to try & achieve a more 'balanced' look.

Below are some daylight shots (and so you can see the blue I used to have!) and the reason you usually don't see my desk - haha! Thankfully I have more storage under my desk now so it doesn't get that bad, but oh man.

You have no idea how happy I was to finally

paint over that blue

! I purposely made sure I liked the frame arrangement before I painted so I could fill in all the holes I'd made over the years. The soft grey has made the biggest difference, and I could not be happier with how it turned out!

Starting to look a little more familiar, non? Some of the photos were switched, and I finally finished the bottom half of the wall (that took far too long to decide what to do with!), but here's what it looks like now:

Full of things that I love, that inspire me, motivate me and make me smile. I love waking up to this view every morning! And that blank wall you can kind of see in the mirror? Not so blank


! #cantstopwontstop

So, after 3 years & many nails holes later, what are my

gallery guidelines



// Pick art that you love, that speaks to you in some way. It will all come together.


// Try different 'mediums': photography, illustration, paintings, originals, text, etc.


// Let it grow organically. Start small, & build as you go.


// Paper templates are great, but eventually you just need to:


// Get out that hammer & do it! Guess what happens if you make too many holes? Nothing. Fill them in & try again (or just hang another frame overtop ;)

And one bonus tip: make it yours! Use your own photos, paint a little canvas, find something that can't be bought anywhere else. These are often the sweetest touches, & it also means that no one can recreate it :)

You can see some more shots of the wall on Instagram under the hashtag


 & follow me


to see the updates I've been working on.

Where do you stand on gallery walls? If you've got one of your own, share a link in the comments or tag me on Instagram. I would love to see!


5 Shades of Grey

Grey or greige paint can be so tough to pick. Undertones, room light, furniture - everything comes in to play when you're choosing. It took me a while to choose, and a feel like a bit of a know-it-all when it comes to grey/greige paint now haha so I thought it was only fair to share my favourites :)

I debated all of these (and a few extras), but settled on Special Edition for my bedroom. I'm totally in love and am so happy with it!

Have you used any of these, or other greige shades, in your space?


PS, the giveaway from Printable Wisdom is still open!!

Cozy Neutrals

I used to do these kind of posts all the time (see them here), but I fell away from it. It does seem kind of silly to design hypothetical rooms, but this space has everything I would put into a room if I could - lots of grey, good reading chair, mixed metals, pretty pillows, and a little bit of shimmer (those curtains !!).

And when I finished, I realized it is the 'interior' version of my new blog design launching in a few days :)

As a designer, I'm probably my own worst client. I spend my days surrounded by fonts & colours, so when it comes to picking those things for myself, it's so hard to narrow it down. I think I've finally hit the winning combo though with lots of neutrals, a few classics and some whimsy & shimmer. I can't wait to share!!


Soft Grey

 Morning! Love having random long weekends like this past one :) Something so nice about sleeping in on a Monday.

One of things that happened during my little blog absence was some painting! Specifically, my room - which I've talked about painting a light grey for almost three years now. ( I went and checked - here's one of my posts from 2011) Finding the right grey is hard y'all haha

I bought a test pot in a colour I was almost 100% sure of, but it looked way too dark when I got it on the walls. (It was very similar to Cornforth White by Farrow & Ball) So I went up to the very top row of my paint deck and chose Special Edition by Para Paints. It went on looking very white, but dried to this subtle soft grey that I am in love with. It changes a little depending on the light, sometimes looking more greige, sometimes more lilac, but it's beautiful.

New walls call for new art right? Painted the verse above just after finishing my room - the gold is gorgeous against the grey!

And my ever-expanding art wall is below. This is just a small segment of it :) Yes, there is a sideways print there until I find something else. The watercolour in the middle is from this Etsy shop, and most of the other prints are by Leigh Viner. The tiny canvases are from a project years ago, and the giant canvas above my bed (two photos up!) was painted by me as well.

Just for fun, some shots of my new desk! The new year has been full of changes already :) I used to work from the dining room table, so this is a very welcome change.

The disco ball is fantastic when the sun comes out :) And when I have some, my little jar is full of Wint-o-green candies.

Feels so good to finally accomplish something I've been planning for quite a while. Now to just put all the final touches together and share the final tour!! You can find some of my old plans & thoughts for this room under the 'bedroom' tag. Funny to see how my plans have evolved :)

Hope your week is off to a lovely start!


Home for the Holidays

I really love being home for the holidays. I think if I were to ever move far away, the month of December would be the toughest. It's more than just the physical space that is 'home' that I would miss though, it's the people that make it home. The people that love & accept you no matter what. And even if you're not home for Christmas this year, I do hope you get to spend it with those you love & love you.

I mean, where else can you get away with an ornament like above?? Haha

Our tree is full of ornaments collected (or made) over the years. There's some from friends, some older than me, some just because they're pretty and some that come out every year no matter what. There's no themed tree here, but it makes me smile none-the-less :)

Grandma's shortbread is just the best. She makes it every year and knows the recipe by heart. This year I made two batches with her supervision and I think they turned out pretty well! Not quite like hers yet though :)

Hope you're having a wonderful week :)


3 Simple Christmas DIY's

For the bridal shower I threw my best friend, I incorporated several DIY's that I thought would add some fun :) And the best part is, most of these ideas can be used year round, not just at Christmas!

Glitter Mason Jar

Their sparkle gives off the loveliest light to any tablescape :)

These jars are perfect for holding things or using as candle holders. They give off the loveliest sparkle :)

You will need:
Clean mason jars (olive oil & dish soap works really well to get any sticker residue off!)
Your choice of glitter (I used gold & a dash of bronze)
Tape (whatever you have lying around, I used painters tape)
A brush/sponge
Large piece of paper

1) Lay the large piece of paper on your work surface. This will be used to catch any loose glitter & if you fold it in half, works as a funnel to return glitter to it's container.
2) Tape off your jars. I eyeballed the bottom third of the jars and taped the whole way round.
3) Apply a layer of Modge-podge to two sides of the jar.
4) Sprinkle glitter from container directly onto the jar - make sure you're overtop the paper!
5) Gently shake any loose glitter onto paper.
6) Repeat steps 3-5 for other two sides and bottom of container (if desired)
7) Repeat steps 3-6 for a second coat of glitter, if you feel necessary. (I did)
8) Remove tape while glue is still wet.
9) Turn jars upside down and let dry completely.
10) To protect the glitter (and any surface you place the jars on), paint one more layer of Modge-podge overtop. Let dry & enjoy!!


Paper Banner

Used as a backdrop to my Christmas tablescape :)
See how lovely it looks above the bird wrapped around the tree?

This banner can be customized to any occasion. I used green, red, gold, cream & brown paper (solid & patterned!) to create a lovely holiday banner. It can be hung anywhere - the back of a display, or even around the tree!

You will need:
Twine, cut to desired length
Coloured or patterned paper (scrapbooking paper works really well)
Paper punches in desired shapes (I used squares, circles & stars - all around 1-2 inches)
Double sided tape

1) Punch two shapes for every one you want in the final piece.
2) Once you've finished punching, plan out shapes on a flat surface before attaching them to the twine.
3) On the backside of one of the pair, place double sided tape. Make sure the tape touches the twine, and then place it's pair on top. Essentially, you're creating a paper sandwich around the twine.
4) Continue attaching the rest of your paper shapes.
5) Hang & enjoy!!


Cookie Favours/Gifts

I thought it would be a lovely idea to send all the guests home with a treat after the bridal shower :) Thankfully, one of my best friends & baker extraordinaire was also on board with the idea! She baked up her famous sugar cookies & decorated them with white icing & edible silver beads. But the possibilities are endless if you decide to do something similar!

You will need:
Your favourite cookies
Translucent bags (mine are from here)
Decorative tap or stickers (the gold stripe tape I used is from here)

1) Buy or bake your favourite cookies. Thankyou Kirsten for these sugar cookies :)
2) Place 2-3 in each bag, seal with pretty tape or sticker.
3) Give as gifts or favours at any holiday party!


Let me know what you've made this holiday or if you plan to make one of these!!


The Christmas Shower

Well, my first proper maid-of-honour duty was a success :) We had the loveliest time on Saturday! Everyone should have a Christmas bridal shower haha I was a bit nervous as to how everything would work out - it was not a typical bridal shower and you never know what the weather will be like in December. But, everything turned out splendidly! Gently falling snow came down that morning, giving just a hint of Christmas. And everyone was on board with the ornament theme - turned into a bit of a woodland creature/Canadian tree by the end :)

Mom & I headed up the night before to help prepare & decorate. Kirsten, one of my best friends & one the bridesmaids, joined us with her delicious cookies that we packaged up for favours. We realized that the three of us (Sophie, Kirsten & myself) hadn't all been together since Canada Day!! Seems so crazy, but it's always like no time has passed when we get together :)

The house was all decorated for Christmas, just a few touches from me for the party :)

Photo-ception? haha

Kirsten and I are not fans of the usual bridal shower games. So, since we were planning this one, we decided against the usual games and opted for a simple photo game. Many laughs were had picking out the photos and they definitely put a smile on some faces as guests passed by :)

The wildflower banner worked really well - not too Christmas-y or too bridal-y!

Are those pavlova's not the sweetest?? Sophie loves them and I thought those 'Hooray' banners would be just perfect atop them :) They turned out even better than I thought!

I don't think I ended up having a slice of cake (you saw all the other food up top right?) but I'm regretting that a little looking at these photos again!

I don't think Sophie & Michael will need to buy an ornament every again haha They received some of the loveliest ornaments I've ever seen!! The fluffy owl just kills me :) I thought the antler was gorgeous  and the 'country mouse & city mouse' are so sweet. The sock monkey was from me haha had to keep it real :)

There's one bridesmaid missing from the photo below, but she lives in Britain so it's just the three Canadian bridesmaids with Soph below. My dress was vintage and you can sort of see my black & white cameo that I wore. We all unintentionally coordinated in black, white & little bit of green :)

Kirsten, Sophie, Heather, me
I love the two shots below of Sophie & her mum :) I snapped the first one as we sat down (what were you doing Soph?? haha). There's something I love about candid shots, but the more 'posed' one turned out really well too :)

A huge thankyou to Audrey, who opened up her home & organized all the food, and Kirsten - your cookies deserve an award!! haha Couldn't have pulled this off without all your help! And to mama, thankyou for helping & putting up with my endless queries. And to everyone that came!! Thankyou for making it such a special day for Sophie :) I know her and Michael will treasure your gifts for years to come.

If you've made it to the end of this post - thankyou! You can read more about my planning here & here, and see how I incorporated some of the decor into a Christmas tablescape here. And if you want to see even more photos from the day, you can view the whole album here.

I've also got two little DIY's that I made for the shower - glitter jars & paper banners - coming later this week! Hope your week is going well!


High or Low: Office Space

Magazine high/low features are always one of my favourites (aside from Mrs. Minerva's column in The English Home) and I love guessing which room is which. Can you figure out the office space's above? Just hover over (or click) to find out if you were right :)

I've been wanting a little office space for myself, since I currently work from the dining room table. To be clear, the dining room table is actually quite nice to work from. But on the occasions we need to use it as a dining table, I have to clear all my work things off. Which is fine with a laptop, but I've been wanting to upgrade to a desktop and they don't tend to be so portable. Thus, an office space is needed.

And I thought it would be mighty fun to round up my options on the high-end of the spectrum, as well as the low. I've always liked a mix of both in a space, so we'll see how my office ends up :)

Did you figure out which space was high & which was low? There's a few pieces that are somewhat iconic, so it's not too hard if you can identify those.

As an aside, any thoughts on the comfort of sitting in a ghost chair for long periods? My guess leans towards 'not so comfy', so while I love the look, I think I might have to hunt for another style.


ps, only a few more days to enter the Holly Sharpe giveaway! 

Spring Lovelies (For Your Desk)

I don't know the weather where you live, but the forecast here is rain, rain & more rain. Which I know is good for all the lovely plants & flowers that will be blooming soon. But even if it doesn't feel like spring outside, it can still look like spring inside :)

I've been re-working my desk area lately, trying to incorporate lots of lovely things to keep me inspired.  New organization, new decor, finally hanging some frames, & generally more spring-like! I have quite a few of the things below and I wouldn't mind adding all of them to my desk!

1. Acrylic Stapler, Design Darling ($22) 2. Monogrammed Mug, Anthropologie ($8) 3. Tangerine Tray, Lulu & Georgia ($127.50) 4. 'Puriste' Journal, Lulu & Georgia ($12) 5. Botanical Vase, Lulu & Georgia ($28.50) 6. Lime Green Pens, Design Darling ($22) 7. Barometer Lamp, IKEA ($49.99) 8. Turquoise Binder, Staples ($9.99)

What's your desk area looking like these days?


O Christmas Tree

Good morning!

Our tree always goes up around the beginning of the month, but this year since I was sick, we didn't get it up until my birthday.

Now, this might make you think that it takes a lot of effort on our part. But we have an artificial tree, have since I was a baby. There was one year we had a real tree and both me and my brother were very pleased to go back to the fake stuff. This isn't the same tree we had when I was a kid. We got a new one 6 or 7 years ago. Comes in three parts, with branches and pinecones built in, and is pre lit. Plug the top into the middle, middle into the bottom, and bottom into the wall. Done.

It sat like that for a day, and then we got the ornaments up. This is my favourite part :)

None of our ornaments match. Very few were bought at the same time. For the most part, it is a collection of many years worth of ornaments and unpacking them from the box & finding our favourites to put up brings so many lovely memories. We have some from dear friends, some we made, and some just because we liked them.

But this year we have a kitten. Who thinks this wonderful tree is just brimming with fun toys to play with. So the bottom third was filled with the unbreakable/non-precious ones. See that guy in the bottom right corner below? Never stood a chance.

This is what I came down to the morning after we put all the ornaments up. A bare bottomed tree. And if you look closely, you'll see a little white face & 2 glowing eyes from within the tree haha

Quite proud of her handiwork, that one.

Hope your tree fares better than ours :)