Favourite Calligraphy Resources

I have loved lettering & calligraphy for a long time, so a few weeks ago I decided to give it a try! I did some research, bought some tools, and have been practicing ever since :) For those of you wanting to try calligraphy too, I gathered all my favourite resources to help you get started!

The Year of Lettering

Kelly's tumblr

is full of gorgeous inspiration, but she 

shares all her secrets

 too! I found her resources invaluable when I was looking to buy my own.

Molly Jacques Modern Calligraphy Course on 


(If you sign up with the link above, we both get a free month!)

From how to hold the calligraphy pen, to forming letters, to supplies you'll need & worksheets to help, Molly Jacques shares it all! And it was so handy to visually SEE someone doing everything, rather than just a photo.

Besotted Blog - 

Nib Identification System

I think I purchased almost all of the nibs mentioned in that post, simply because I didn't know where else to start! Tristan also shared a few of her favourite supplies 




Intro to Calligraphy


If you're in the Toronto area, Ashley has held two calligraphy workshops already with Post Calligraphy & The Paper Place, and with all the interest there's bound to be more!

Scarlet & Gold - 

Free Webinar

I haven't taken their webinar yet (coming soon!) but their 


 is always full of inspiration :)

Your favourite calligraphers

I'm not suggesting copying these calligraphy greats, but many of them have kits to purchase with all their favourites, or teach classes you can attend! I love the behind-the-scenes sneak peeks many of them share :)

Molly Jacques Illustration 

Laura Hooper Calligraphy

 (I love her 



Saffron Avenue

Type & Title

Post Calligraphy

Green Tie Studio

Blue Eye Brown Eye

Or your favourite 

calligraphy fonts*

There are so many styles of calligraphy, and sometimes visualizing them through a font can help you find your favourite style & narrow down your practice.

Where to buy

And all this help is no use if you can't purchase anything :) I bought all my supplies (minus the paper) from 

Paper & Ink Arts

. Their prices are good, shipping was quick & there's just so much fun stuff to look at! You might even have a local arts store that sells calligraphy so be sure to check those out too.

If you're diving into the art of calligraphy too, let me know your favourite resources! I love this community because we can all learn together & support creative endeavours.


* denotes an affiliate link. I may make a small commission, but there is no additional cost to you!

Business Cards

Can't believe BlogPodium is just over a week away!! SO excited :)

Now, you should have your business cards by now. But, if you've been scrambling and haven't had a chance yet, I've rounded up some of my favourite pre-designed cards from around the web! Moo, Minted, and Etsy all have gorgeous options that look custom. (um, hello foil pressed!!) You'll have to check shipping, but most of these should get here on time with rush options. Bonus: some of these are instant downloads so you can customize & print them yourself!

Top to bottom, by last name on card: 

I'm still using the same business cards I designed last year, but I wanted to show you what you get from two different online printers, if you decide to design your own.

I ordered some from Moo.com last year, but then worried it wasn't enough, so I ordered even more from Vistaprint. Mostly because yes, Vistaprint was less expensive, but I was also curious to see how they'd compare to the Moo cards. 

Visually, the Moo cards are more creamy than white, almost like they have a coating? They feel satiny and smooth and very sturdy. The Vistaprint cards are whiter, but the grey side isn't as 'smooth' looking. They are also a bit smaller and not quite as thick (but still feel fairly sturdy). I would pick the Moo cards as my favourite, but the Vistaprint cards aren't as cheap looking as their prices suggest haha

If you've posted about your business cards I'd love to see them! Or if you have thoughts on any other printing companies? I've never used Minted for business cards, but I have & love several of their art prints & I think the quality would be the same.

Can't wait to see some of you at BlogPodium this year! There's still a few tickets left!


*affiliate links used in this post

How To: Create Rollovers & Image Maps

I've got two quick tricks to show you today! You don't need to know HTML or CSS - if you can copy & paste, then you can do this :) Promise!


Rollovers (or hover images) allow you to have one static image that changes when someone places their cursor over top. I use this technique in my high/low post yesterday to sneak-ily reveal the final room totals. I first learned how to do this from here (found after a quick google), but I'm sure there are other ways to achieve this.

The one thing to keep in mind is that rollovers do not work on mobile or tablet devices. So provide a link to the second image if possible, but at least make sure there's no critical info on the second image.

1) Create your two images (one, two)
2) Upload them into your post
3) Go into the post HTML & copy the image URLs - the URL's will follow 'a href=' and look something like this: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ad49c3e4b0ff75d96157ed/t/5601c89de4b0d884777736b5/1442957469111/1000w/
4) Paste them into the rollover code (found below)
5) Ta-da! You now have a rollover image :)

 <a href="URL ADDRESS"><img src="URL OF THE FIRST IMAGE GOES HERE" onmouseover="this.src='URL OF THE SECOND IMAGE GOES HERE'" onmouseout="this.src='URL OF THE FIRST IMAGE GOES HERE'" /></a>  

All you need to do is paste the whole chunk of code above where you want it, and then paste in 3 URLs: the URL you want to link to, the URL of the first image (two locations) and the URL of the second image. Super simple!

Onto image mapping.

This is so easy I never felt like it was worthy of it's own post, but it's one of the coolest tricks (I use it all the time). My social media tabs over on the sidebar? Image map. My header? Image map.

Image mapping allows you to upload a finished design, and then create links within the image. It basically places a bunch of linked 'rectangles' (or other shapes) over your design that link to the location you specify. Kind of genius really.

1) Upload your image and grab the URL (Photobucket, Flickr, and Blogger all work).
2) Go here & follow the instructions: http://www.image-maps.com/
3) Install your code snippet in your posts/sidebar/footer/anywhere that you can paste HTML.

That's it.

Have you ever use a rollover or image map? Going to try it out now? Let me know how it turns out!!


ps, today's the last day to enter the Holly Sharpe giveaway!!


I'm not a big music buff, so I often end up discovering things wayyy after they've 'happened'. Like Oceans. So good.

I know it's Tuesday, but I took yesterday off so today is 'Monday' for me. And there's nothing like some beautiful thoughts to start the week :)

Hope your day is going well!


ps, only a few more days to enter the Holly Sharpe giveaway! 


I've been experimenting more with design - the world of design is full of so much talent, it's a little crazy! I've been trying new things and really enjoying it. Posts like this and this have me itching to try more. I'm thinking of making it a weekly challenge for myself...come up with something new :) We'll see how this goes haha

Today's post is inspired by the smell after it rains. Do you know it? I have a vivid memory of first realizing the smell of rain. I was leaving my elementary school building - not sure if it was recess or a fire drill - and it had just stopped raining. The sun was peaking out, the cement was wet and I noticed the smell. Clean, fresh, earthy, damp, and comforting in a way. It's been one of my favourites ever since :)

What's making you smile today?


Sweater Weather Forever

I think this pin (from this post) is one of my most repinned images (if not the most repinned!) so I wanted to make another version this year with a photo that wasn't from Instagram haha The photo above is straight out of my camera - isn't that tree gorgeous? Fall is just my favourite!

I've declared this week a sick week. My brother came home for Thanksgiving and passed on his sickness which has left me with a rather unpleasant cold. I decided to take the week off from blogging, but I wanted to pop in today to share the pretty tree with you :) We haven't had as many red leaves this year (something to do with the warm temps?) so it's nice to see at least one red tree.

Hope you're having a lovely week! Regular posting should resume next week :)


ps, going back through my post archive to find my sweater weather post from last year, I found another post from two years ago! Clearly this time of year is a long time favourite :)

BlogPodium 2013: The People

Goodness you guys. The people at BlogPodium this year were just fantastic! It was so great to meet people at Sarah's tea the day before and connect again on Saturday. Love all the fun cards too!

There are a few notable exceptions missing from the cards above, mainly Sara & Lindsey & Julie! Don't know how I missed snagging cards from you three.

I'm still on a BlogPodium high - it was that good you guys :)

And in case you need a smile (or were wondering how I took the photo above), I took the photo below - keeping it real haha

Hope you're week is going well :)


A tale of Pride & Prejudice

I gathered all the covers in this post on Friday, thinking that today I would share them with you and let you know what were my favourites and what version I ordered. Turns out, we already had TWO copies of Pride and Prejudice - my grandma's from when she was young and one we bought at Target a few weeks ago - so my original plan didn't work out.

BUT I am so glad we already owned a copy because I devoured it this weekend - started & finished Pride and Prejudice in 48 hours. Barely left the couch Sunday afternoon except to put dinner in the oven haha

I am totally converted and I have NO idea why it took me so long to finally read!! I almost wish I'd saved Death comes to Pemberley until after I'd read Pride and Prejudice, but I read them both within 5 days so they sort of mesh in my mind. (ps, I already loved Death comes to Pemberley, but now I know how true PD James kept it to the original I love it even more)

I am a little bummed I don't get to own one of the gorgeous covers above (yet) but if I could, I would order the red one with the 'A' on it (illustrated by Jessica Hische - one of my favourite illustrators). Which cover would you pick??

Tell me - have you read Pride and Prejudice? What made you first pick it up?
And if you haven't, what's stopping you now?


Font Love: Chunky Scripts

I know I covered script fonts last week, but honestly, I could go on about scripts for days. So I decided to feature a few more this week - the chunkier, bolder, weightier scripts!

These guys are all beauts - they feel a little more substantial than the scripts from last week and have more presence when they're used in a project. They stand out and are clear to read - big bonuses for script fonts!

Sail & Pacifico are free for personal & commercial. Made with B is free for personal only. Lavanderia is a donation-based font and Thirsty Rough is a premium font. I bought it was it was super reduced ($9 I think?) so be sure to check for sales. I like the mix of using free/sort-of-free/premium fonts in my projects - kind of like using high & low items in interiors :)

I have some super fun fonts planned for next week :D (One involves mustaches!!!)


Are you a font lover too? Check out all my font posts!

Font Love: Scripts


Time for some more font love :)

I could go on about beautiful script fonts for days. The ones I pulled for this post are my favourites from all the script ones I own (and I own a lot haha). I almost missed 'Signerica' and I'm SO glad I caught my mistake because this is such a classic!

Scripts have such a range - they can be really scribbly and hard to read, or they can be more handwritten, or they can be in perfect cursive. There is a perfect script for every idea and I love using this font family in projects.

Signerica, Sunshine & St-Andrew's Queen have all been in my font folder for a long time, but Learning Curve & Castro are newer to me (in the last few months) so they tend to be used a little more :) I have certain memories of using all of these scripts and I still love each one of them, no matter how often I use them or see them used! They are all free, but most are only free for personal use.

Do you have a favourite script font? Or is there one from the list above that you're going to download asap??


Sweater Weather

Good morning!

Hope you've all had a good week :) I've thoroughly enjoyed blogging everyday this week and I think I forgot how much I used to enjoy it. Glad to be back!

I've said this many times before, but sweater weather really is my favourite weather. (With bird-chirping weather as a close second!) The soft cozy sweaters, crisp winds, beautiful leaves (although they're almost all gone now) and the boots! Oh how I love my fall boots :)
photo by me on Instagram
I'm pretty excited for this weekend. Going to the US on a shopping trip with my mama and I'm planning to get some goooood bargains :) Any exciting plans for you??

Do you love sweater weather too?


ps, I'm going to be putting together some gift guides over the next 2 weeks, so if you have a shop I should know about let me know! I can't guarantee you'll be included, but I'll do my best! Super excited about this :)