December Calendar + Goals

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December is one of (if not my most) favourite month. Birthdays, Christmas, family time, general holiday loveliness & warmth - it's just a month filled with good things. Tea, new books, cozy sweaters & crackling fires are all so fitting for this time of year and I want to fully enjoy them while they're here. What are your favourite things?

I finished quite a few of the things on my November list! Not everything, but I am just an imperfect human after all.

+ Finish reading Psalms. // Finished Nov 27th! One of my favourite passages was from Psalm 91.
+ Paint my room. // Got a plan for the new year :)
+ Develop new design packages.  // Coming soon along with a site redesign.
+ Update my portfolio & add a testimonials-type page. // Coming with the site redesign!
+ Design/plan bridal shower for my best friend // It's this Saturday - can't wait :)
+  Film/post more videos. // Only managed to post 1, but it has glitter which is a bonus :)
+ Research/plan for new office space & equipment. // See my high/low office post here!

And some new goals for December:
+ Finish Proverbs, Ecclesiastes & Song of Songs. Begin Isaiah.
+ Prep & plan for site redesign. New packages, new pages - it's going to be good :)
+ Blog: 3 more gift guides, a bridal shower recap, and 2 Christmas-y DIY's (among other posts!)
+ Beginnings of new office space. Buy furniture, set up, etc. (I'm aiming to have it finished early new year.)
+ More fonts! I have ideas brewing away...
+ Take a blog break over Christmas/New Years & just enjoy everything :)

Today's post is a bit later than usual since I seem to have caught a nasty cold. Hope you're all feeling better than I am & had a lovely weekend!


November Calendar & Goals

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I like the openness & warmth of summer, but I think I'm a winter person. That isn't to say I love everything about the season, but the colours, the coziness, the celebrations (almost all of my family have winter birthdays) make me happy. In keeping with the colours of the season, this month's calendar is plum-y & purple-y :)

Like most, I have a list of things I'd like to accomplish this month, but some are definitely more urgent than others. Nothing like announcing it to the internet to stay on track :)

+ Finish reading Psalms. I started a few days ago and am around Chapter 40, which sounds good until you realize there's 150 chapters. Just a few more to go :)

+ Paint my room. This has been on several to-do lists this year and this is the month! No more procrastinating!

+ Develop new design packages. I've got some new services in mind and I want packages to reflect that. I also want a good range of packages for different budgets. More to come soon!

+ Along with the new packages, I want to update my portfolio & add a testimonials-type page.

+ Design/plan bridal shower for my best friend - we've got a date for early December & time is ticking!

+  Film/post more videos. I'm going to commit to 2 this month, and any extra would be bonus.

+ Research/plan for new office space & equipment.

I feel like I'm forgetting something so I might be back to update this later. What are your goals for November?


September Calendar + Links I'm Loving

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This week turned out to be a crazy one aha I've been working with some awesome design clients, I had the first round of illustrations due for a children's book, I released my first eBook, and I've been working on my BlogPodium presentation. All good things, but there's still a lot on my plate so I am seriously going to enjoy this long weekend :)

A few things I loved this week on the interwebs:
Jasmine Star - If I had $500 to spend on my business
Marie Forleo - Turning Pro
Twisted Sifter - Maps that will help you make sense of the world

Don't forget to enter the contest to win one of 10 copies of Blog Design Essentials!!! You can go here to read more about the book & click here to go enter the giveaway :)

Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend :) See you on Tuesday!


Friday Favourites + A June Calendar

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I know it's been June for a whole week, but I still wanted to share this month's calendar (May's was halfway through the month, let's hope I can get July out on time!). I was inspired by the beach - where the water meets the sand and you squish your toes in :) The font for 'June' has a very seaside feel to it (I think that might be it's name actually haha) and I just thought it was perfect.

Things I loved this week:
Web fonts from the ALT blog - discovering new web fonts is always a good thing!
- There's a new Louise Penny book coming out in August!! I love all her books but her last one, The Beautiful Mystery, was SO good - still need to review it! Her next one can't come soon enough!
- The BlogPodium schedule! I'm still in shock that my name is next to Sarah Richardson's haha Going to be SUCH a good event - tickets are still on early bird pricing until June 21!

On the blog this week:

I also announced the winner of the Claire Heffer print giveaway! Click here to see if you won!

AND, I now have a Facebook page!! I'll be updating my social media buttons in the sidebar later today, but I just wanted to let you know since Google Reader is going away at the end of the month.

Hope you have a lovely weekend :)


A (late) May Calendar for you!

This is a scheduled post. I'm writing it Thursday night, because when it goes live tomorrow morning I will be on my way to visit my BFF!! She was off finishing her degree in England but she's back for a few months and I'm so excited!

I realize May is half over, but I've always wanted to make a monthly calendar and I decided why not?? (and apparently my love for watercolour brushes knows no bounds...)

Soft spring-y floral-y colours, two of my favourite fonts, what's not to love??

What you may have missed this week:
Font Love: Bold Sans Serifs
Nailed It: Jazz Inspired
On My Bookshelf: The Daughter of Time
Artist Love: Chloe Trundle

Hope you have a truly lovely long weekend!