September Calendar + Links I'm Loving

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This week turned out to be a crazy one aha I've been working with some awesome design clients, I had the first round of illustrations due for a children's book, I released my first eBook, and I've been working on my BlogPodium presentation. All good things, but there's still a lot on my plate so I am seriously going to enjoy this long weekend :)

A few things I loved this week on the interwebs:
Jasmine Star - If I had $500 to spend on my business
Marie Forleo - Turning Pro
Twisted Sifter - Maps that will help you make sense of the world

Don't forget to enter the contest to win one of 10 copies of Blog Design Essentials!!! You can go here to read more about the book & click here to go enter the giveaway :)

Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend :) See you on Tuesday!


Currently Loving, Vol 13

A magical creation from the genius that is Jamie & Kevin
Another week has come to an end! It's always busy coming back after a week away and playing catch-up, but I love the people I work with and that makes it so much easier! Wanted to share some of my favourite things from these past few weeks:

I've written before about my love of Jamie Beck (Ann Street Studio), but her site is full of so much gorgeousness I need to share it again! She posted the cinemagraph above earlier this week and then posted the making-of a few days later. I mean, she and her husband/partner Kevin are just photographic geniuses. Love every post they share!

I have all the ingredients and I'm dying to make these cookies! The perfect weekend project :)

I have a post stored away in my drafts about being an introvert that I need to finish & post one of these days (I like to think first and write later), but this article rings so true.

Interesting discussion on Gen-Y. This thought stuck with me: "Throughout our lives we followed the prescribed roadmap to success, only to face an economic climate where it no longer applied."

This article is a few weeks old, but I still wanted to share it because it has some really insightful thoughts on 20-year-olds today. Lots of good discussion surrounding my age group lately...

After photo from this experiment coming soon...

And a little bit of pretty for your weekend, these abstract paintings by Michaela are so lovely :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Friday Favourites, Vol 29

Where You Are
You may have seen it on Monday, but I've opened up a little shop on Society 6! Running my own print shop isn't really feasible at the moment, but I love designing and I wanted a way to share that. I love Society 6 because they offer so many products (tshirts! phone cases! pillows!) and they take care of the printing & shipping. If you want, you can pop on over (click here!), but the new 'shop' link below my header will take you there too :)

Favourite things from the week:
This dress (in black/white) - so perfect for summer!!
This post from Sarah - hope I can look back and think the same thing :)
This TED talk - recommended by my brother, so you know it's good haha

On the blog this week:
Minted Art & Giveaway!!

I'm also guest posting on the OTL blog today - will link it here when the post goes live!

Don't forget to enter the Minted giveaway and have a lovely weekend! I'm off to look at a possible wedding venue with my BFF for her wedding and we've planned a whole sort of weekend away around it and I'm so excited!
See you on Monday!


Friday Favourites, Vol 28

One of my favourite Chip Kidd quotes

Well hello! I'm writing this on Thursday morning because today (Friday) I am headed to camp! MFC is turning 50 this year, so we're having a big party to celebrate :)

While I'm away prepping and decorating for the big event, here's what I've been loving this week:
Nicole's camping getaway - Camp Wandawega looks SO fun!!
- These lemon blueberry muffins from Casey's blog look delicious!
- Jen's been working on a big girl room for her daughter and it is so lovely & sweet!
- Only another week to get your earlybird ticket for BlogPodium!
- My friend Ashley is fundraising for the World Race! I've donated a blog design package, so if you would like to have your blog designed AND support a wonderful cause, check it out!
- Can't remember if I've already shared this (sorry if I have!) but I have a Facebook page now!! Also updated all my advertising packages if you'd like to take a peak :)

On the blog this week:
Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Friday Favourites + A June Calendar

right click & open in a new tab to download!
I know it's been June for a whole week, but I still wanted to share this month's calendar (May's was halfway through the month, let's hope I can get July out on time!). I was inspired by the beach - where the water meets the sand and you squish your toes in :) The font for 'June' has a very seaside feel to it (I think that might be it's name actually haha) and I just thought it was perfect.

Things I loved this week:
Web fonts from the ALT blog - discovering new web fonts is always a good thing!
- There's a new Louise Penny book coming out in August!! I love all her books but her last one, The Beautiful Mystery, was SO good - still need to review it! Her next one can't come soon enough!
- The BlogPodium schedule! I'm still in shock that my name is next to Sarah Richardson's haha Going to be SUCH a good event - tickets are still on early bird pricing until June 21!

On the blog this week:

I also announced the winner of the Claire Heffer print giveaway! Click here to see if you won!

AND, I now have a Facebook page!! I'll be updating my social media buttons in the sidebar later today, but I just wanted to let you know since Google Reader is going away at the end of the month.

Hope you have a lovely weekend :)


Friday Favourites, Vol 26

We had some friends come over today to work on the backyard, and I couldn't stay inside and not help. So I weeded and planted and raked and watered like a fool. And my arms are feeling it now haha No images for you yet, but I'll take some for next week!!

What I loved this week:
Love these free botanical prints from Poppytalk! (pictured above)
Amy found some gorgeous gold & brass items for your home!
And I so want to create a space like this in our backyard!

What you may have missed this week:

Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

Whatever is Lovely (Freebie!)

Happy Friday!

I have really been enjoying blogging everyday lately. When I first started this blog, I blogged every day for the entire year. And then last year, I don't know, I guess I just wasn't feeling it? I didn't know what to blog about and forcing it just felt weird. But I decided to blog every weekday in April, no excuses, and it challenged me to come up with good content and plan and figure out what I was doing. So if you're feeling the same, give yourself a challenge! Maybe not every day, but 3 days a week or something that works for you!

Anyways, random thought out the way, let's get to this week's freebie & favourites!

I went through a major watercolour brush phase a few months ago, and then I kind of forgot about them until now! I still love them so much and I loved playing with them for this. I'm kind of itching to redo my header with some of these....
use it on your phone/tablet/computer!

I'm so excited about next week's artist feature...she sent back her interview yesterday and I kind of feel like we were meant to be BFFs haha Should be up next Thursday! I'm also reading next week's book and its kind of surprising me! (In a good way!) so next week has lots of exciting things :)

This week on the blog:
Feeling Short-y (I bought those polka dot shorts!)
Artist Love: Holly Casto (there's a discount code for you!!)

This weekend looks a little cold & rainy, but there's some fun things planned anyways :) Hope you all have a lovely weekend! And a happy Mother's Day too!


May Goals + Favourites

Monthly goal posts seem to be popping up more frequently in my blog reader, so I thought I would share some of mine this month along with my weekly favourites.

1) Workout 4 times a week, consistently. Been getting back into the groove for a few weeks and now I want to make sure I stick with it!!

2) Spend more time outdoors. Our windows have been open all week and it is wonderful! Need to spend more time outside, not just getting the breeze inside :)

3) Read through the Old Testament. More specifically, Exodus & Leviticus. I decided a few weeks ago to read the OT this year and that's where I'm reading this month.
Favourite pin of the week - wouldn't you want to spend all day out there??
Things I loved this week:

Random acts of kindness are some of the loveliest, and Michaela wants to hear your stories!

Feeling the need to get back into your blogging groove? Jenni's got a blog-everyday challenge for you!

If you liked my post on Pride & Prejudice, Jillian's got a great post on The Great Gatsby covers!

What you missed on the blog:
Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Friday Favourites, Vol 23 (+ a freebie!)

Happy Friday!!

There are birds chirping outside, I have a stack of books waiting for me, the sun is shining - a good friday indeed!

Made some little freebies for you today :) If you right click and open them in a new window, they'll be full size and you can download and use them on your computer/phone/tablet.
Things I enjoyed this week:
A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy
Cat People Are People Too
On Friends

What you missed on the blog:
Hope you have an excellent weekend!


Friday Favourites, Vol 22

Happy Friday!

Another lovely week come & gone; one of my best friends came for a visit yesterday - she's finished exams and had a day off before her summer job starts - and we just chilled. Went for a walk, talked about life, ordered butter chicken from the local Indian place (so good) and painted our nails. (Chanel Frenzy is currently on mine). Such a nice way to spend the afternoon :)

Onto this weeks favourites!
via Stephanie Sterjovski
Isn't the print above so lovely?? Steph always makes the most gorgeous graphics - I think this one is going to be in her summer collection and I'm excited!!

I think most of us have seen someone link to the Dove Real Beauty Sketches this week, but not everyone agrees with Dove's message.

Need a job? Invent one! I see this happening now and definitely think it's how future generations will work.

And finally, How to Get Along with an Introvert. Need I say more? haha

This week's posts:
Hope you have a lovely weekend!


New Finds & Old Loves

A few housekeeping updates before I get on to my favourites. I've changed my comment box - it's now a pop up instead of being embedded - what do you guys think? I've seen a few problems with people not being able to comment unless it's a pop up box (something to do with google +?) but I can changed it back if you all prefer. There's also a new bloglovin button in the sidebar, and you can follow me on there if you currently read my blog in a google reader. If there's other methods you guys like to follow blogs with let me know! 

I mentioned on Monday that I had been playing around with making my own fonts, and when I discovered Aubrey's blog The Kinch Life and she had a whole post on making fonts, well I knew I had found a new favourite blog :) And she posts a weekly freebie for your desktop background (this week's pictured below) so yep, it's official. New favourite blog.

Download it on Aubrey's blog!

Another post that really resonated with me this week was from Jess Lively, "why I'm removing sponsors from my blog". I keep reading things about sidebar ads decreasing and more blogs moving to 'brought to you by' kind of sponsors or partnering with brands (neither of which I've done, but I guess I'm open to?). I haven't decided yet, and probably nothing will change until the end of April, but I wanted to get your thoughts on the matter. Sidebar sponsors - yay or nay?

Also, for my Canadian readers, have you seen BlogPodium is happening again??? SO excited already and it's not even til September! There's not a ton of details yet, but you can sign up for the newsletter to receive any updates - can't wait til September!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Friday Favourites, Poetry & Prints


Another week has come to an end, anything exciting planned for the weekend? Don't think we have anything planned - last weekend was busy with Easter & my brother's birthday, but we've been thinking of painting our family room so maybe that might happen? And *fingerscrossed* hopefully it gets a bit warmer outside - I can't wait to open up my window again!

I think my favourite find from this week was Eleonore Bridge's Sneak Peak on Design*Sponge. I loved her beautiful Parisian home and her little thoughts under each photo are just the best. My favourite, "I cannot keep plants alive, so I bought all mine from Ikea. They are very beautiful and completely fake." She's kind of the best right?

Other links I loved this week:

There's definitely a few books I've been waiting for on this 'Most Anticipated' list from Good Reads.

Some really lovely prints available on the OTL store - a fellow Dream Team member too!

'Why We Should Memorize Poetry' - an interesting read. I memorized poems in elementary school, but I admit I don't know much poetry now. Or even many people who do.

Speaking of poems I memorized, 'Tweetle Beetles' was my poem in grade one. I was, 6 or 7? And I memorized that whole thing perfectly. Pretty sure I'd have a hard time doing that now haha

Hope you have a lovely weekend :)