Herb Garden

Over the past three summers, I have grown a little herb garden. What started as a lone mint plant back in 2012 has ended up growing into a whole little collection!

This year there's chive, sweet basil, rosemary, thyme, tarragon, mint & parsley. The mint & parsley have their own bigger container since they can grow a bit wild ;)

Gloves are a must when dealing with nails like these haha

Isn't this blue container just the sweetest? I picked it up in HomeSense a few weeks ago, knowing my annual herb garden would be starting again soon. Love the blue with the gorgeous green of the herbs!

The gloves & the little trowel both came from the Home Depot. I have to admit I love the measurements on the trowel, and that the gloves have velcro around the wrists to keep the dirt out. Good tools make the job so much easier!

What are your favourite herbs to plant & use? Tarragon is new to me this year and apparently it produces edible flowers?! You know I picked it up for that alone haha


Past herb gardens: 2012, 2013, 2014

May Garden

Last year, I shared a few snaps from our backyard. We did quite a bit of work (with the help of some very dear friends!! A gardener I am not haha) last year to spruce it up - a few photos of that over here - and have added a few new pretties this year :)

maygarden2014 12
We had a pot of Gerbara's last year, but they were so finicky. This year we've tried Gerbara's specifically meant for pots/containers so fingers crossed they'll fair better. And I love the dark centre with the white leaves!
maygarden2014 1
I love having mint to add to my water all summer - this year I tried Pineapple Mint!
maygarden2014 2
I'm pretty sure this is the same type of basil (Genovese) that we had last year - it looks the same anyways! Loved eating this with lemon parmesan pasta or tomatoes & soft cheese.
maygarden2014 3
While picking out a third herb for my pot, I debated between a few. But the smell of this Lemon Thyme won me over :)
maygarden2014 13

maygarden2014 6
Our snowball's are growing back! We used to have two huge trees/bushes of snowballs, but they haven't bloomed in a few years. So excited to see this guy happy again!
maygarden2014 4
These tiny blue forget-me-nots are everywhere (see below too!) but I think they're so sweet.
maygarden2014 5
We couldn't buy mom a bouquet for mother's day because our cat loves to eat anything with leaves, so I bought her a big pink hydrangea that we could plant outside instead :)
maygarden2014 7
The lilac tree is one of my favourites. Such a gorgeous scent!
maygarden2014 8
The back part of our yard is full shade, so finding plants that work back there can be tricky. We planted this Solomon's Seal last year and it is so happy. It has these big fern-like stems with sweet little blooms underneath. (see below)
maygarden2014 9

maygarden2014 10
Photos like this make me like the dandies just a little.
maygarden2014 11
A wide shot from the deck. I hope the hydrangea grows quite a bit taller - that and we need to clear some forget-me-not! You can see a bit of the red maple we planted last year on the left - it is super happy too which is very relieving after the crazy winter we had haha 
What herbs or plants are you growing this year? Any tips on keeping hydrangea's happy? Or tips on peony plants? That's what I want to try next (if I don't kill anything this year!)