3 Simple Christmas DIY's

For the bridal shower I threw my best friend, I incorporated several DIY's that I thought would add some fun :) And the best part is, most of these ideas can be used year round, not just at Christmas!

Glitter Mason Jar

Their sparkle gives off the loveliest light to any tablescape :)

These jars are perfect for holding things or using as candle holders. They give off the loveliest sparkle :)

You will need:
Clean mason jars (olive oil & dish soap works really well to get any sticker residue off!)
Your choice of glitter (I used gold & a dash of bronze)
Tape (whatever you have lying around, I used painters tape)
A brush/sponge
Large piece of paper

1) Lay the large piece of paper on your work surface. This will be used to catch any loose glitter & if you fold it in half, works as a funnel to return glitter to it's container.
2) Tape off your jars. I eyeballed the bottom third of the jars and taped the whole way round.
3) Apply a layer of Modge-podge to two sides of the jar.
4) Sprinkle glitter from container directly onto the jar - make sure you're overtop the paper!
5) Gently shake any loose glitter onto paper.
6) Repeat steps 3-5 for other two sides and bottom of container (if desired)
7) Repeat steps 3-6 for a second coat of glitter, if you feel necessary. (I did)
8) Remove tape while glue is still wet.
9) Turn jars upside down and let dry completely.
10) To protect the glitter (and any surface you place the jars on), paint one more layer of Modge-podge overtop. Let dry & enjoy!!


Paper Banner

Used as a backdrop to my Christmas tablescape :)
See how lovely it looks above the bird wrapped around the tree?

This banner can be customized to any occasion. I used green, red, gold, cream & brown paper (solid & patterned!) to create a lovely holiday banner. It can be hung anywhere - the back of a display, or even around the tree!

You will need:
Twine, cut to desired length
Coloured or patterned paper (scrapbooking paper works really well)
Paper punches in desired shapes (I used squares, circles & stars - all around 1-2 inches)
Double sided tape

1) Punch two shapes for every one you want in the final piece.
2) Once you've finished punching, plan out shapes on a flat surface before attaching them to the twine.
3) On the backside of one of the pair, place double sided tape. Make sure the tape touches the twine, and then place it's pair on top. Essentially, you're creating a paper sandwich around the twine.
4) Continue attaching the rest of your paper shapes.
5) Hang & enjoy!!


Cookie Favours/Gifts

I thought it would be a lovely idea to send all the guests home with a treat after the bridal shower :) Thankfully, one of my best friends & baker extraordinaire was also on board with the idea! She baked up her famous sugar cookies & decorated them with white icing & edible silver beads. But the possibilities are endless if you decide to do something similar!

You will need:
Your favourite cookies
Translucent bags (mine are from here)
Decorative tap or stickers (the gold stripe tape I used is from here)

1) Buy or bake your favourite cookies. Thankyou Kirsten for these sugar cookies :)
2) Place 2-3 in each bag, seal with pretty tape or sticker.
3) Give as gifts or favours at any holiday party!


Let me know what you've made this holiday or if you plan to make one of these!!


Gift Guide 2013: Give Back

Gifts that you can give that give back too. From clean water to employment of at-risk youth, each product helps in some way. I'm particularly intrigued by the nail polish (no surprise) and the 'Beauty' print from Sevenly - mint, floral, & great typography? Meant to be mine :)

Each purchase helps provide immediate & long term aid to the Newton community, in addition to helping Sandy Hook Promise continue their work.

One pair of shoes is donated for every pair of shoes bought. (They do the same with glasses too!)

$10 from the sale of each soap goes to the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund.

Made in Tanzania in partnership with The Invisible Children.

Provides a water filtration system, which gives one family safe water for life.

$7 from every purchase in the whole shop goes towards the cause of the week. 

For each purchase, the IKEA Foundation donates $1 to help children go to school.

The Shine Project & Threads employ at risk youth to help break the cycle.

It may not be big, but there is always something we can do to help this Christmas.


Gift Guide 2013: Artists & Creatives

We all have those creative people in our life, so hopefully these ideas help you think outside the gift-card box!

watercolour palette // Real watercolourists (is that a term?) are so talented, but even with little-to-no skills, watercolour is so fun to play & practice with. And who knows! You might just inspire the next great artist :)

camera strap // Anyone with a DSLR knows that the basic camera straps are fine. But they are so boring and easy to confuse with other cameras. Custom straps are a fun touch to the usual black camera equipment.

wacom create tablet // Does this need an explanation? Any creative that doesn't have one of these would love to see one under the tree!

pretty notebook // To hold all those pretty ideas :)

le pen set // You can't write down pretty ideas without pretty pens!

film camera // Film photography is still having a moment (and probably will for a while still!) and any photo buff would love to play around with a toy camera. Plus, picking photos up from the print lab is really fun too :)

watercolour paper // Luxe paper is such a treat to work with! And makes any novice painter seem much better.

gallery canvases // More appropriate for oils or acrylics, the big thick gallery wrapped canvases are fantastic to paint on. Plus it's kind of fun to hang work you've created!

Anything I missed?


Gift Guide 2013: Custom Gifts

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight

There's always a couple of people that are super hard to buy gifts for. Whatever the reason may be, a customizable gift is always a really good idea.

If they drink a lot of tea/coffee/hot chocolate/anything warm, Anthropologie's monogram mugs are always lovely (they come in gold now too!). For the photography buffs, a huge print of their work from Posterjack or an Instagram photo book from Blurb would be really neat. For the note writer, a monogrammed note set would be perfect. For the person that loves a good bag, monogramming a giant tote or gorgeous leather clutch would be lovely. A custom iPhone cover ensures they always know which phone is theirs. And finally, a dainty initial necklace is the perfect addition to any outfit.

What are your tricks to gifting for those hard-to-buy-for people?


A Deal For You!

Hello hello!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I wanted to pop in today and let you know about a super deal in case you're still in need of some Christmas ideas :)

If you haven't heard of blurb before, then you are seriously missing out! They allow you to create some truly beautiful books full of your photos. And they even offer Facebook & Instagram albums, which I just think is SO cool. I'm planning to put all my Instagram photos from this year into a book so I can look back on my year in Instagram :)

But, can't forget the important part of this post:

Blurb has kindly offered you guys a 25% discount! All you have to do is use the code GIFTIDEA at checkout!

The discount is only available until Dec 12, but if you miss it make sure to sign up for their newsletter, as they often run discounts of 10-20% :)

Let me know if you've ever ordered from blurb or if you haven't, what you'd like to order!!


Gift Guide: The Cool Dude

Good morning!

I've been doing a lot of Gift Guides for the female population, but I thought that the men needed one too :) I sort of did this with my brother in mind, mostly because I have NO idea what to buy this kid. Seriously, what do you buy 19 year old guys for Christmas?

I'm kind of in love with that unicorn sweater. And I kind of really want to get it (or something like it) for my brother.....am I totally crazy? haha

What are you buying the cool dudes in your life this year?


Gift Guide: The Librarian

Good morning!

I have another Gift Guide for you this morning, and I just love the idea behind this one. I can picture every one of these things in a cozy library just like this one! So wish I had a room dedicated to books, books and more books :)

What's your opinion on home libraries? Love, like, or take a pass? I'm firmly in the love category, but until I have one of my own, I'll just pile books everywhere :)


Gift Guide: The Traveller

Good morning!

I'm back with another installment in my Gift Guide series, this time it's for the travelers! Those people that are back and forth between home & school/work or those who are in a new country every other weekend.

I tried to include a few helpful things (watch, iPad sleeve, luggage tag, weekender bag) but I had to include a few travel inspired prints. And there's also a fabulous hat so one can travel incognito :)

What's your favourite place you've ever travelled to? I think mine would have to be Scotland, must go back soon!


Gift Guide: The Mint Lover

Good morning!

I actually wasn't planning on doing a gift guide for those who love all things minty-turquoise, but as I was going through my Etsy favourites, I knew I had to! It is just such a gorgeous colour and while it is very popular at the moment, I think it's a colour that never really goes away. Tiffany's chose it for a reason, oui?

Are you a mint lover? Which of these items would you want to unwrap on Christmas Day?  I'd be quite pleased with any of them :) Well, except the iPhone case because I don't have an iPhone, but if I did have one, I would be pleased with it hahaha

And ok, a little confession, this gift guide is kind of for me. Couldn't help it haha I just love mint!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!


Gift Guide: The Foodie

Good morning!

Today is an exciting day - it's the start of my 2012 Gift Guide!! I decided to put together some of my favourite items from some of my favourite stores. I'm going to feature mainly small businesses or individually owned stores, because I do think it's important to feature them and buy handmade.

Today's Gift Guide is for the foodie in your life! Cute kitchen tools & accessories to display. I must admit, I am not a foodie, but I have several dear friends who are so I kind of put this together for them.

And let's be honest, getting kitchen things for Christmas is not a very exciting prospect. But I do think that the items I've gathered below are so lovely that the foodie in your life would be happy to receive any of them :)

I have several more gift guides planned for the rest of November so be sure to check back!

Hope you're having a great week :)