Snapshots & A Giveaway!

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Hope you're staying warm :)

Last week was pretty cold around these parts, & a big ol' mug of hot chocolate was the perfect way to end the week :)

I've been enjoying Sarah Richardson's new book, and Winnie decided it was the perfect place to nap ;)

Cold weather essentials! Warm sweaters & lots of moisture :)

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Artist Love: Reva of Daughter Zion Designs

I was introduced to Reva's shop, Daughter Zion Designs, at the end of last year, and I knew immediately that I had to feature her :) Her work features some of my favourite elements - watercolour, calligraphy, florals, and more - blended so elegantly. And she's Canadian. So it was just a matter of time until she made an appearance here!

I'm so excited Reva agreed to the feature - there's even a little giveaway for you at the end! - so please keep reading to find out more about her gorgeous shop!
Small Things
What inspired you to open your shop? What was/is your goal or motivation behind it?
My husband, Josh, was the final push for me to open my shop, plus lots of friends and family. I've always been a maker of lots of handmade things, and I couldn't tell you the last time I bought a card for someone. I've always been the one in our family to make all my cards by hand, usually with unique lettering. My goal when I started the shop was to just make at least one sell. I thought that if I could sell at least one of my pieces, I'd be stoked. When I launched my shop, it was at 1 in the morning, so right after publishing my first listings, I went to bed. I was thrilled when I woke up to more than one sale the next morning! Currently, my goal is to use my talent for the glory of God. Most of my pieces are leaning towards scripture and faith filled words. My motivation behind my shop is 1 Corinthians 10:31 "So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."

Genesis 24:67
What is the process of creation like?
When I come across quotes or scripture pieces that stand out to me, or when someone emails me with a custom request, I usually start with a sketch. I loosely work out lettering styles, to see what's going to fit in the space of the design. If it's a custom request, the customer gets the sketch emailed to them to see if it's something they like, or if any revisions need to be made. From there, I usually do another more refined sketch, and trace that onto my final paper. Then I head in with ink, using a pointed-pen to the calligraphy or hand lettering. If there's going to be an colour, I use watercolour as my main medium. Sometimes it will be painted on before lettering for a background, or after, if it's floral works or other illustrated elements around the lettering.
You Make Beautiful Things
Where do you find inspiration for your prints and/or cards?
I read my Bible everyday, so I often find scripture references from there. Sometimes I'll come across great quotes on Pinterest, or through listening to music. Mumford and Sons have definitely helped me out a lot! For colours, I take pictures of beautiful flowers that I come across going on walks, or in my family's gardens. My mom and grandma have such beautiful gardens, so when I'm there in the spring and summer, I take the time to snap a few pictures for reference.

You use watercolours & calligraphy (like the one below!), two of my favourites! When did you first start using those mediums?
I love watercolour and calligraphy! I've been a watercolour lover for the last few years, but have used it off and on for the last 15 years. I learned from the greatest art teach I've ever had, Cindy More, and think of her often when I pick up my brush to paint. I first used a pointed-pen in high school, and I completely hated it! I couldn't even tell you what you made me pick it up again. Over the last couple years, I started using it regularly. India ink and Sumi inks produce such beautiful, rich blacks, and I just fell in love. i bought books, watched YouTube videos, and took Molly Jacques Modern Calligraphy class on Skillshare. If anyone is interested in learning calligraphy, I would definitely recommend her class. Now I make sure that I'm purchasing quality inks and nibs, and comfortable nib holders. (Paper Ink Arts and John Neal Bookseller are both excellent resources.) Be patient, and practice practice practice! And trust me, from experience, even left handed people can be successful calligraphers.

Oscar Wilde
Is there a cool back-story behind one of your prints? 
My Oscar Wilde print had a small 'aha' moment. This piece was originally a custom order, which I now sell as a print in the shop. I was looking forward to creating this piece for the customer, but when I opened the message with their inspiration photos, which was 4 different photos of flowers and painting styles, I didn't know what to do. The inspiration photos were all so different, in completely different painting styles, and I was flabbergasted as to how I was going to pull these all together. Usually I don't do much in terms of sketching out the watercolour parts, especially flowers, as I like them to develop more organically. For this piece, however, I felt that I needed more planning to make it work. In the end though, I was so happy with how the flowers turned out! I love that this customer trusted me enough to get all their inspiration pieces to work together.

Daughter of the King
What is your favourite item in your store?
One of my favourite pieces in the store is the Daughter of the King card. This was one of the first pieces I ever made. It means so much to me, as it rings so true to me as being a daughter of Jesus Christ. A close second, if not a tie for first favourite, is Beautiful Things, which comes from the Gunger song after the same name. I could listen to, and sing, this song over and over. You can listen to their live version here.

A whole load of new items are coming to the shop soon! I've been working lots for the last coupe months on new pieces, plus new fun things in the shop! I've fallen for Project Life, and have been working on creating something fun for others who use this scrapbooking method. I've also been working on a wedding line, which I'm hoping to launch soon! Keep an eye on the shop and blog over the next couple weeks to see the release.


Thankyou so much Reva!! I'm excited to explore some of those calligraphy links - need to buy some new nibs & practice! I think the new wedding line will be gorgeous too - exciting stuff!!

Reva was sweet enough to offer you guys a chance to win one of her cards, which could totally be framed as a print too :) Enter via the Rafflecopter box below!

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If you can't wait to win the giveaway, Reva is offering 15% her shop with the code GALLERYNO8 until March 30!

You can follow Reva & Daughter Zion Designs on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest, as well as her shop & blog of course!


Artist Love: Ashley Gardner of Printable Wisdom (+Giveaway!!)

Good morning!

I am so glad to introduce Ashley of Printable Wisdom - her shop is filled with so many beautiful design, all of which you can purchase and print yourself!! She has everything from art prints, to invitation suites, to wine labels & more.

Check out the little interview we had & keep reading to win one of her art printables!

What inspired you to open your shop? Who do you imagine shopping there?
I had always created typographic art to hang in my home, and finally amassed so many designs that I couldn't possibly display them all! That's when I had the idea that other people might enjoy them too! I started off with just wall art using Bible verses and quotes, but now I carry printable stationery, organizational packs, invitations, gift tags, wine labels, and recently launched a wedding invitation line (that I am so super proud of). I imagine crafty, DIY-minded people shopping at Printable Wisdom. People who appreciate graphic design, whimsical illustrations, and bold wall art.

Proverbs 31:25
What is the process of creation like?
I usually do a little clipart and font browsing to inspire a new design! I'll pick one element I really like, and just let the overall piece fall into place around it!

'Beth' Printable Wedding Suite
Much of your work features beautiful type, do you have a favourite font?
My very favorite fonts at the moment are all hand-calligraphy inspired. I can't get enough of them! My own calligraphy is *okay* but nothing like you can get with today's fonts using all of the fancy swashes and swirls! My most recent addition is Dasha.

Hebrews 6:19
There's a whole section of your shop dedicated to scripture prints, is there one that really resonates with you? A favourite verse?
My favorite verse is Hebrews 6:19 "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure" - I love the design that features an anchor with a blurry seaside photo inside of it with this verse below.

Home Sweet Home
Is there a cool back-story behind one of your prints?
My "Home Sweet Home" printable was initially sketched out and I wanted it to be this elegant European street. It ended up looking nothing like what I wanted it to be! I was so disappointed that I stuck it in my desk in my pile of "scrap paper". Then, when cleaning out my desk a few weeks later, I came upon it and loved its quirkiness! It's now one of my most popular designs. I've found that I like different styles on different days, and to not discard things just because I don't like them right then!

Custom Home Drawing
What is your favourite item in your store?
My favorite item is my custom home portrait. I love drawing them, and I haven't had a disappointed customer yet! They always turn out so surprising and detailed. I love it when people tell me all of the special details they'd like added (a cat in a window, handprints on the sidewalk). This is the most fun item to create!

Small Things

Thankyou Ashley! I love the idea of giving someone a house portrait when they move! And I love the quirkiness of the 'Home Sweet Home' print too :) The verses & quotes you choose are so lovely, and there's so many florals too!! Can never get enough florals for spring!!

Ashley was kind enough to offer someone a printable of their choice! You can never have enough art :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Ashley is also offering 10% off with the code 'GALLERY8' in both her Etsy shop & website until next Thursday! You can follow Ashley's blog, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram to stay in the loop about her lovely products. She also offers a little bonus & discount when you sign up for her newsletter!

Thankyou so much Ashley! Hope you guys love her work as much as I do :)


Artist Love: Holly Sharpe

Does anyone else get a little nervous when they email others about possible blog features? I don't know why I get a bit worried, but I do and I'm always so thrilled when I get a 'yes!' in reply!

You may recognize Holly's work from my Etsy post a few weeks ago. I adore her work and was so excited when she agreed to a little interview & giveaway for you guys!! You can check out her shop here, and keep reading to find out what inspires her gorgeous art!

Sketch V
Who is your perfect customer? Does she have a story?
I wouldn't say that I have a perfect customer. I would just like to think that people buy my work because it either inspires them, or helps their mind to wander or simply because they think it is beautiful. So I guess their story is just to have an appreciation and awareness of these things.

Peacock Girl II
What inspired you to start selling your sketches & artwork?
I guess when I first started to sell a few drawings this made me realise that people actually wanted to buy my work, so this prompted me to continue doing what I was doing and hopefully the demand would still be there. Aside from that, I wouldn't have enough space to keep them all!! I don't plan on ever stopping creating artwork so it has to go somewhere!

Some of your pieces have a very 'mixed media' & layered feel, what's your jumping off point? 
I always start with an idea, concept or feeling, that I can't exactly put into words, but I just build on this feeling and then the artwork is in some way my translation of this idea/feeling. Since this idea is often relatively complex, the mixed media/layers helps lend itself to convey whatever it is I felt the urge to convey.
Fashion Illustration
Is there a cool back-story behind one of your prints?
A lot of my work has come from so called accidents. Which either come about from sketching, or taking things to the next level - like when I think a drawing isn't working, I am not scared to ruin it, so I try something different or crazy and often that is when I have 'break throughs'. Or on the odd occasion when I am feeling really angry or more passionate than usual, I just feed this into my work - which sometimes works and other times doesn't... and probably ends up making me more emotional than to begin with! Photoshop is also a great tool to experiment and put things together easily that you maybe wouldn't have otherwise thought of, or had the time to do. Photoshop is a super fast way to test out if something is going to work or not. There have definitely also been some 'aha' moments amidst the 'accidents'. It's hard to pin point them exactly, but usually I need these moments to take my work further and to expand/develop a series of drawings/illustrations.

What is your favourite item in your store?
Hard to say.... it changes all the time. For now I think I would say, the original drawing of 'Afterglow'. It was part of a recent commission I did for Derwent pencils.

Thankyou so much Holly! Loved reading about your design process. The way other creatives work is always inspiring to me :)

If she wasn't lovely enough already, Holly has offered the gorgeous print below for one of you to win!

'Tribal Girl' (colourway) - A4 hand-finished and signed, digital print on 100% recycled cotton rag, beautifully textured and thick. Due to the handcrafted nature of this paper the edge of the paper has a natural, slightly torn finish. Hand-finished with ink and pen to bring out details and/or colours, this means that each one is unique.

I've left the image quite large, so if you open it in a new tab you can see the gorgeous texture of the cotton rag. I'm a wee bit jealous I can't enter this one :)

You can enter via the Rafflecopter widget below (might take a second to load):

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Be sure to check out Holly's shop! You can visit her on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram too!


Minted Art & Giveaway!

I think at this point, most people have heard of But if you haven't, you are missing out!! They have so many gorgeous prints, but they also do invitations and stationary and party decor - so easy to get lost in pretty paper things haha

I could spend (and probably have) hours browsing around looking at all the prints - this one and this one and this one were top contenders, but the tulip print above won me over :) Minted offered to send it to me, and they have very kindly offered one of you a $100 credit! Any events coming up or bare walls that need filled - you should definitely check out Minted!

You can enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. It's open internationally from today until midnight on June 27! (If you choose to tweet about the giveaway, just include @minted & @bhdouglas - you don't have to use the exact words) If you have any problems with it showing up, please let me know!

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Hope you're having a lovely week!


Minted gave me a credit for the print, and is providing the prize for this giveaway. 
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My Leigh Viner Story + Giveaway!

Good morning!

I am more excited for this post that possibly any other post I've ever posted. Bit dramatic? Maybe, but I'm still ridiculously excited!!

Before I get to the exciting part, I have a story to tell you first.
Twilight Blue
In the summer of 2009, I discovered Etsy & the beautiful art of Leigh Viner. It was Twilight Blue that really captured my attention & love. In one of my Visual Studies classes that fall, we had to share an inspiration, and I chose to share her work. I remember sharing Twilight Blue & Cricket, and a few others as well.

I stalked TB for months & months & months. I remember it disappeared once and I totally panicked & thought it was gone for good. But I contacted Leigh & she assured me it was still available. I asked for it for Christmas that year but it wasn't under the tree. (In fact, TB & I wouldn't meet until December 2011.)

Silence & Noise
I started my blog on January 1, 2011, and one of my first posts was about Leigh's work. I think I must have commented on her blog (which I'd been following since I discovered her work) and told her I had featured her on my blog & she stopped by and became my first follower! That was a pretty exciting day.

31 Rue Chanel
In November of 2011, I made my first purchase! The day they arrived in the mail, I was like a 5 year old at Christmas - SO excited. Twilight Blue & 31 Rue Chanel now live in my room :D (soon to be joined by Paolo Roversi Series 1 & Rivoli)

In January of 2012, I became Leigh's intern. She had mentioned something about wanting an intern in a blog post, so I emailed her and put myself forward, and she agreed! I think my prof thought it was a little odd, but I didn't care one bit. Having the chance to work with Leigh was just so wonderful.

Paolo Roversi Series 1
And now, here we are today.

Before Show
It is a completely surreal full-circle moment for me. I had no clue 3 years ago that I would have worked with Leigh, owned several of her prints (2 more are on their way to me!!), and be friends with an artist whose work I admire SO much. I am one blessed girl.

About A Pearl
So, onto the exciting part of this post!!!! One lucky person will win any standard sized print of their choice! You can check out her shop here, and enter below! There are 8 ways you can enter and the giveaway is open for one full week, until Dec 25. I'll announce the winner right after :)

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Good luck!!


Print Print Giveaway!

Good morning!!

I have some very exciting news, which you can probably guess from the title, but it's time for my first ever giveaway!!

I am so excited that the fabulous Ellen of Print Print has offered one of her gorgeous prints for one of you to win!!

Some of her work is below, and you can find more at this feature post I did on her work :)

Diamonds III

Band of Outsidrs

Pow Wow

All you have to do to enter is go to her shop and come back and leave a comment with what print you would pick if you won!

For extra entries, you can:

1. Tweet about the giveaway! Be sure to include #gallerynoeight in the tweet so I can see it :)
2. Follow my blog! Old & new are welcome!
3. Follow Ellen's blog here:
4. Follow me and/or Ellen on twitter! @GalleryNoEight & @missellenlee

Please leave a separate comment for every entry :)

Giveaway closes next Monday (May 16) at 7pm EST. Winner will be announced Tuesday morning!

Good luck!!