Inspired by the Iris

Good morning!!

I was contacted a little while ago by the folks of Arcadian Home Decor, and when they mentioned they could do a post about iris, I couldn't say no. They're my mom's favourite flower and I just think they're so pretty :)


Greetings! I'm Jenn and I'm a writer with Arcadian Home Decor, an e-commerce website that specializes in popular home decor trends from around the world. Every day I spend hours pouring over great interior design blogs looking for things to get excited about, and Brittany's website Gallery No. Eight is a personal fave, which is why I'm so excited to be guest posting here today.

When looking for home decor inspiration itís best to turn to Mother Nature - her abundance of beautiful landscapes, flora, and fauna never fail when it comes to interior spaces, and one of the most incredible of these is the iris. Tall and stately yet soft and delicate, and in a heavenly shade of purple, these interior spaces were inspired by the iris.  

An Iris Decal

Rooms With Flowers
Shelterness via

Brilliant oversized irises become a pretty focal point when stretched across a bureau and then onto the wall, making it appear even bigger.  

Blasts of Color

Rooms With Flowers
Home and Decor via

With beige walls and wood floors, a blast of colour is a welcomed design choice, like the two-toned dining room chairs and matching window treatments. The fuchsia piece in the corner match the bunches of irises showcased in tall vases.

Natural Home Decor
  Rooms With Flowers
Style at Home via

Irises look perfect in their natural surroundings, especially here in this home garden under a wall-mounted stone water fountain and al fresco table set-up.

Organic Beauty

  Rooms With Flowers
Thisnext via

A bedroom with bird bedding and vintage brown leather chairs draws inspiration from the scientific iris wall hanging over the bed.  

Iris Light Fixture

Rooms With Flowers
Velvet Moss via

A cozy kitchen vignette boasts wallpaper with a floral motif, and the colours are picked up in the red tabletop as well as the purple trumpet shade on the hanging light fixture.

Floral Table Setting

Rooms With Flowers
Botanica via

Irises make for beautiful table decor on formal table settings, especially when paired with floating candles in tall tapered glass hurricane holders.

Iris Flower Beds

  Rooms With Flowers
Linens-n-Things via

The irises in this bedroom, both on the bedding as well as in a vase on the dresser, look wonderful flanked by sage green and gold embellishments.

Graceful Little Vases
  Rooms With Flowers
Martha Stewart via

An iris is stunning enough to stand on its own, like in this simple grouping of sterling and milk glass vases with just a few blooms.

Jenn is a writer for Arcadian Home which is a wonderful website full of home accessories and decor ideas!

Arcadian Home Decor is the best source for home decor accessories at discount prices. Founded in 2002, Arcadian Home Decor originally started selling decorative lighting fixtures and lamps online with its first website Arcadian Lighting, and has become one of the top Internet retailers for home lighting products. 


Hope you're having a lovely week!


Guest Post: Spring Boheme

Good morning!!

Today I have the always lovely Christine sharing 8 things that she can't live without this spring :)


Hi Gallery's Christine here from B&B with a little spring must have preview.
Hope you enjoy!



You always find the most gorgeous images Christine!! Beautiful picks!! Be sure to check out her blog for even more gorgessity :)

Hope you all have a fab Monday!!


Guest Post: Michaela Noelle

Good morning!! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! 

Today I have Michaela sharing 8 things that she can't live without this spring!! I have several of these guest posts planned for the month of April so be sure to check back :)

I don't remember how I discovered Michaela's blog, but I adore it!! She's a fellow uni/college student, studying interior design in Seattle. She blogs about interiors, fashion, DIY's, everything! I'm so glad she agreed to participate, so without any further ado, here she is! 


Hi friends! It's Michaela from Michaela Noelle Designs. I'm so excited Brittany asked me to share some things I just can't live without this spring! Let's begin the count down:

8. Big sunglasses.
I'm really just hoping I'll be able to even wear mine, actually.  Come on Seattle, show me the sun!

7. J Crew's adorable skirts.

6. Light Weight Trench.

5. Chevron Pattered...Anything!

4. Spring Metallic Sandals and Wedges.
3.  Beautiful Lake Houses.
I just adore the exposed horizontal wood and light and bright curtains!

2. Fresh Flowers

1. Lots of Caffeine for my 8am Spring Quarter class.
What was I thinking?!

Thanks, Brittany, for letting me hang out at your blog for the day! You're the sweetest (:


Love what you chose Michaela! Totally agree with chevron anything! And tea is always a good thing haha

Be sure to check out her blog if you haven't already!!


Guest Post: Island Escape

Morning!! Today I have Cassie from Hi Sugarplum here sharing some beautiful photos from one of her family vacations. Enjoy!!

Hi everyone! I'm Cassie from Hi Sugarplum! I don't know if I'm grateful to Brittany for asking me to Guest Post, or ticked because she's made me long for a season that is still months away! I live in the South, but we've had our fair share of single-digit temperatures this winter, and right about now is when I start dreaming of a beach vacation!
We are quite adventurous and have been to many beach destinations, some so remote the only form of transportation is a donkey! (I'm not kidding.) But our most recent, and favorite to date, is St. John in the US Virgin Islands.

Picnik collage

Enough of hibernating landscapes...I'm ready for some life!

Picnik collage

To sit, with no where to be and nothing to do....aaaaahhhhh!

Picnik collage

Where the only traffic is a moseying donkey or baby goat.

Picnik collage

To relax and enjoy my sweetie!

Picnik collage
I can almost feel the sun on my face now. Puxatony Phil didn't see his shadow this year, so here's hoping Spring and her good friend, Summer, are just around the corner!
Thanks for having me, Brittany!


Thankyou Cassie! That water looks amazing, and that donkey looks hilarious!! Definitely check our Cassie's blog if you haven't already! She shares some of the best crafts and DIYs!!

Happy weekend!


Guest Post: Six Things

Morning!! Today I have Erica from Moth Design here sharing some beautiful things! I don't want to give it all away in the intro, so read on!

It's Erica from Moth Design. I'm honoured to be guest posting over here at Gallery No. 8 today! Brittany had the most fantastic idea for my post topic; a how-to on warding off winter blahs. It's as easy as infusing some faux fresh spring brights. 





cheery wrap: 
Marc Jacobs Printed cashmere and silk-blend scarf

Reflect light:

Possibly the most simple solution... potted hyacinth.

Hope you've enjoyed, and thanks so much for having me Brittany! xo 



Thankyou so much Erica!! Be sure to check out her blog if you haven't already, it's full of so many lovely things!!


Guest Post: A Trailer Park Adventure

Today I have Anne-Marie from 10 Rooms! Her blog is full of great inspiration and gorgeous colours! And she always has some fabulous round-ups of lovely items!


Hello everyone, Anne-Marie from 10 Rooms here.
Thank you Brittany for asking me to guest post at Gallery No. 8 today.
I think this hip little corner of the blog world is going to become a well read spot -
Brittany always has fun, fresh posts and a great eye for design.
I really love your Colour-By-Room posts - no surprise there!

 If you've ever read my blog you may know that I'm a little bit gypsy..
before settling down with a family I travelled a lot, and five-star hotels were never in the budget.
I've found it usually makes for greater adventure, and the people you meet are colorful, to say the least!
This is the place I am currently pining to visit, although D., who does prefer five star hotels, will probably never agree to it :)
Liz Lambert, an Austin-based hotelier, created  El Cosmico - "a Trans-Pecos kibbutz for the 21st century".
It's all about manana, and if you don't know what that is, you probably need to go!

Vintage Trailers, fully renovated - be still my beating heart!

You know it's going to be one-of-a-kind when there is an annual festival of music and love :)

Can't get that kind of experience at the Hilton, can you?!

Thanks again, Brittany, for asking me to share a getaway. 
Looking forward to your guest post about your favourite color coming up on 10 Rooms!
x Anne-Marie

Love it! Thanks so much for sharing Anne-Marie! And I already have my colour picked out haha

Hope you all have a lovely day :)


Guest Post: Grecian Getaway

Morning all! Today I have the lovely Sarah from sarah.wandering! She always has the coolest stuff on her blog, from awesome DIYs, to great music, unique interiors, and a onesie snuggie? haha Be sure to check her out if you haven't already!

Thanks Brittany for the opportunity to share with your readers my winter getaway style.
I am not a cold weather person and outside of the month of December, I prefer sunny skies and warm temperatures to cold, brisk air and snow.
My winter destination of choice is almost half way around the world on the island of Santorini, which lies 200km off of Greece’s mainland in the Aegean Sea.  The small island is actually a volcanic island that encircles a central caldera where volcanic material still flows.  The island represents the epitome of Greek architecture, with whitewashed stone “cave houses” stacked on the cliffs more than 200m above the level of the sea, connected by a maze of stairs and pathways, with most of the island accessible only on foot, bike or donkey.  Yes, donkey.

The charming town of Oia lies on the northern edge of the caldera and is famous for it’s sunsets, said to be the most beautiful in the world.  With breathtaking views of the sunset, the ocean and the entire caldera, the Perivolas Suites are located just outside of town and feature private and semi private suites that blend both relaxed modernism and traditional Greek architecture and design.    The pool itself has been in more than a dozen travel magazines in recent years, with an infinity edge that blends with the cool blue of the ocean more than 200m below it’s surface.  It leaves me speechless.

The island of Santorini is so small you can easily experience the entire island during a two week stay.  The capital of Santorini, Fira, is just a short commute from Oia and contains all the charm of Oia with a little more hustle and bustle with shops, markets and restaurants around every turn.  For history buffs, the ancient ruins of Akrotiri are located southeast of Fira, and for the sun worshippers like me, Santorini has some of the most beautiful beaches.  

Although it’s unlikely I’ll be heading there this winter, it’s on my travel log for next year.  To me, Santorini is the epitome of paradise.
Gorgeous! Thanks so much  for sharing Sarah! I love the white stucco and blue ocean that is so abundant in Greece :)

Be sure to check out Sarah over at sarah.wandering!


Guest Post: Pretty Picnic

Morning everyone! Today is the first day in a week-long series of posts from a few of my favourite bloggers!

Here in Canada, February is not the most fun month. For me, winter is fun until Christmas, and then it just needs to go haha So I thought it'd be nice to have some pretty inspirations to remind us that spring is coming!

Today I have Shari from Little Blue Deer! Shari has always been so sweet and kind to me, and her blog is pretty fabulous. She also designs custom blogs, which is kinda awesome!


Hi there!  It's Shari from Little Blue Deer here, delighted to be guest posting at one of my favorite new blogs, Gallery Eight!  Brittany has a fabulous eye and I know she has a bright blogging future!  She did not have to ask me twice to talk about summertime, I do live in Savannah, but trust me, it gets cold here, too!  So, I was so happy to bring out some of my favorite summer images!  I adore the idea of bringing the outdoors in, be in a bouquet of fresh flowers drying in the sink, or a gorgeous greenhouse!  Also, while I don't like ants or bugs (in fact, I  hate ants and bugs, with a passion!), I do like the idea of dining alfresco!  I need one of those companies that makes you a super-fancy picnic and sets it all up for you!  And then someone to stand there and fan away all of the pests!  I hope these gorgeous images bring a little bit of warmth your way, and spring arrives here in Savannah around the end of February, so feel free to drop by and visit! 


How gorgeous are those images?? And I'm totally with you on the bugs haha
Thankyou so much Shari!
If you haven't already, be sure to stop by and say hello at Little Blue Deer!

And I hope you all have a very happy Valentine's day :)