The Story of a Gallery Wall

I love a good gallery wall (if you follow me on Instagram you already know that!) and I have to admit I'm pretty proud of mine. But it's not something that happened overnight. It has been collected & curated over 3 years and it's still not quite finished - there's a good chance it never will be 'done' - but I've learned a lot along the way.

I shared this thought a few months ago with a photo of my wall & it's still true now:

Wherever you are, remember that all good things take time. This gallery (which, lets be honest, is so not important compared to many things) took over 3 years. And there were many moments of not-so-pretty (and more than a few extra holes in the wall) to get it to this point. Things take time - nothing in life happens overnight. So keep asking and seeking and working, you'll get there soon.

All the photos I could find of my gallery over the past 3 years - along with my thoughts on collecting & curating your own gallery are below.

The two prints that started it all. I bought these prints from Leigh Viner during a holiday sale after admiring them for years.

Here's another shot from mid-2012 - link.

Hopefully you can see the evolution in the photos above, but it grew pretty slowly. At one point, I decided I was not happy with the arrangement, so everything came down and I planned it out with paper. I mixed up the frames, the type of art, and the colours to try & achieve a more 'balanced' look.

Below are some daylight shots (and so you can see the blue I used to have!) and the reason you usually don't see my desk - haha! Thankfully I have more storage under my desk now so it doesn't get that bad, but oh man.

You have no idea how happy I was to finally

paint over that blue

! I purposely made sure I liked the frame arrangement before I painted so I could fill in all the holes I'd made over the years. The soft grey has made the biggest difference, and I could not be happier with how it turned out!

Starting to look a little more familiar, non? Some of the photos were switched, and I finally finished the bottom half of the wall (that took far too long to decide what to do with!), but here's what it looks like now:

Full of things that I love, that inspire me, motivate me and make me smile. I love waking up to this view every morning! And that blank wall you can kind of see in the mirror? Not so blank


! #cantstopwontstop

So, after 3 years & many nails holes later, what are my

gallery guidelines



// Pick art that you love, that speaks to you in some way. It will all come together.


// Try different 'mediums': photography, illustration, paintings, originals, text, etc.


// Let it grow organically. Start small, & build as you go.


// Paper templates are great, but eventually you just need to:


// Get out that hammer & do it! Guess what happens if you make too many holes? Nothing. Fill them in & try again (or just hang another frame overtop ;)

And one bonus tip: make it yours! Use your own photos, paint a little canvas, find something that can't be bought anywhere else. These are often the sweetest touches, & it also means that no one can recreate it :)

You can see some more shots of the wall on Instagram under the hashtag


 & follow me


to see the updates I've been working on.

Where do you stand on gallery walls? If you've got one of your own, share a link in the comments or tag me on Instagram. I would love to see!


High or Low: Office Space

Magazine high/low features are always one of my favourites (aside from Mrs. Minerva's column in The English Home) and I love guessing which room is which. Can you figure out the office space's above? Just hover over (or click) to find out if you were right :)

I've been wanting a little office space for myself, since I currently work from the dining room table. To be clear, the dining room table is actually quite nice to work from. But on the occasions we need to use it as a dining table, I have to clear all my work things off. Which is fine with a laptop, but I've been wanting to upgrade to a desktop and they don't tend to be so portable. Thus, an office space is needed.

And I thought it would be mighty fun to round up my options on the high-end of the spectrum, as well as the low. I've always liked a mix of both in a space, so we'll see how my office ends up :)

Did you figure out which space was high & which was low? There's a few pieces that are somewhat iconic, so it's not too hard if you can identify those.

As an aside, any thoughts on the comfort of sitting in a ghost chair for long periods? My guess leans towards 'not so comfy', so while I love the look, I think I might have to hunt for another style.


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House Colour Palette

I know we can't be the only family to have such colour indecision. We've gathered paint swatches for months, debating colour ideas and going back & forth. But, fall is almost here and we need to paint!

As of this very moment, only two of these colours are on our walls (Natural Wicker & Gossamer Blue). And one is standing in as the rough shade of our living/dining room wallpaper (Green Smoke). The other four are still in idea stage, but I wanted to put them all together to see what I thought, and what you guys think! So here is the shade breakdown:

Green Smoke - our living & dining room have this kind of crazy but kind of awesome deep green wallpaper, and it's staying. It's roughly the shade of Green Smoke, although it is two-tone, so some parts are a bit lighter. While overall it is quite dark, we have light pine floors and lots of white trim so it works fairly well.

Revere Pewter - I think we should paint our kitchen cabinets this colour. It goes well with our current countertops (which aren't changing), white appliances (not changing in the near future) and IKEA island & chairs (which we love & wish we'd bought sooner!). We might do the upper cabinets a shade or two lighter, but at least the bottom cabinets will be this colour.

Teresa's Green - in real life, this shade looks a bit lighter and not quite as green. I think this might work really well on the kitchen walls(!). With white appliances, white trim (5 doors & a window in the kitchen), greige cabinets and black floor, it needs a colour that works will all of that and doesn't clash with the living/dining room or family room which both lead off the kitchen. I think some shade of light turquoise-green might look really good :)

Merlot Red - We've been thinking of painting the family room red for a while. It gets a TON of natural light thanks to 2 big windows and a skylight so it won't feel too dark. And I think the red will make it feel cozy (gets a little cold in there in the winter) and be a fun pop of colour off the kitchen :)

Natural Wicker - Moving upstairs, this is the colour on our back staircase walls (we have 2 staircases, welcome to old homes! haha) and upstairs hallway. Good, solid neutral that works will the current carpet and back staircase colour (black bean soup I think?).

Gossamer Blue - One of the bedrooms is in this colour and it's so lovely. Looks gorgeous with white trim and beige-y carpet.

Cornforth White - The colour I'm thinking for my bedroom! I was leaning towards a grey a little darker (Martha Stewart Chinchilla) but this one is my current favourite. Just the perfect amount of grey to offset the white trim and sand-y carpet.

The first four would be downstairs, while the last 3 are/would be upstairs. The whole house has chunky white trim and with the exception of the kitchen, fairly light floors. What do you guys think?


Spring Lovelies (For Your Desk)

I don't know the weather where you live, but the forecast here is rain, rain & more rain. Which I know is good for all the lovely plants & flowers that will be blooming soon. But even if it doesn't feel like spring outside, it can still look like spring inside :)

I've been re-working my desk area lately, trying to incorporate lots of lovely things to keep me inspired.  New organization, new decor, finally hanging some frames, & generally more spring-like! I have quite a few of the things below and I wouldn't mind adding all of them to my desk!

1. Acrylic Stapler, Design Darling ($22) 2. Monogrammed Mug, Anthropologie ($8) 3. Tangerine Tray, Lulu & Georgia ($127.50) 4. 'Puriste' Journal, Lulu & Georgia ($12) 5. Botanical Vase, Lulu & Georgia ($28.50) 6. Lime Green Pens, Design Darling ($22) 7. Barometer Lamp, IKEA ($49.99) 8. Turquoise Binder, Staples ($9.99)

What's your desk area looking like these days?


Emerald Love

Good morning!

I'm kind of excited that Pantone chose emerald as the colour of the year for 2013. I think it's a gorgeous colour and there's so much you can do with it!

In case you're still on the fence about emerald, I've pulled some beautiful inspirations & a few things to incorporate into your space :)

Emerald Statement Necklace
Emerald City Print
Green Silk Pillow
Vintage Glassware
Emerald Earrings
Do you like Pantone's choice for this new year?


Gorgeous Bathroom + Fabulous Art

Good morning!

So there was this bathroom going around Pinterest last week. A completely stunning image that got stuck in my brain. And I can't forget about it. So, today's post is all about this awesome bathroom.

Designed by Ana Donohue for the 2012 Junior League of Boston Design Show House, and photographed by Michael J. Lee, this bathroom is just beyond beautiful. This is what Ana said about it:
"We love how this elegant, eclectic bath turned out, perfectly representative of our contemporary interior design style. A tropical wallpaper, mix of bold and understated patterns, and classic elements like the claw foot tub, old-fashioned sink, and subway tiles combine to create a sense of escape.  The juxtaposition of the bold, dark wallpaper with a lighter, contemporary abstract painting strikes a balance between  sophistication and exuberance."
And here is the bathroom that I keep raving about:

Ana Donohue Interiors via Pinterest
Stunning right? What really sticks out to me is the combination of dramatic wallpaper & oversized art. It's unexpected but it totally works. So I thought I'd try my hand at a crazy combo of wallpaper & art.

Click below to see what I came up with!!

The moment I found Peony Place, I loved it. And I decided that pink would be perfect on top of the dark teal walls. I looked on Etsy for a giant original, but eventually ended up at Saatchi Online and found these two beauties.

Nina Campebell's Peony Place with Meditative Focus by Greg Rivera & Wedding by Faindt Caroline
What do you think? I couldn't decide between the paintings, which one do you like best?

Would you be willing to try something so bold in your own home? I showed the bathroom to my mom and she's been trying to think of a way to makeover our bathroom :)

Hope you had a great weekend!!


Three Ways: Minty Mint

Good morning!

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts but I thought it was high time to start again :)

As you know, mint is one of my favourite shades, so it was only appropriate to use it as my inspiration.

The cake painting must find a way into my home one day. Must. And that living room with the minty walls and all those frames?? So much in love!

Hope your week is going well!


Pink & Turquoise Love

Good morning!

I have loved this colour combo since I saw Eileen Kathryn Boyd's space in Lonny's December 2010 issue.

And when Michaela pinned the image below last night, it reminded just how much I adore this combo!

So I thought a little roundup of my favourite pink & turquoise spaces was in order :)

Such a happy and cheerful combo! What colours are you loving lately?

Hope you have a lovely day!!


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Good morning!

Ah Wednesday. Right in the middle of the week. The weekend ended two days ago, and we must wait another two days for the next weekend. An awful place to be really.

So today, take comfort. For you are not alone on this day. We must all wait for the weekend together. And while we wait, we might as well get comfortable.

Clearly my idea of comfort is pretty easy to define.

I wish for you only the most comforting things. So give a special someone an extra squeeze, put a little extra dash of sugar in your tea, pull that blanket right up to your chin. Take comfort in the little rituals that make you, you.


Crushing on Coral

Good morning!

After yesterday's crazy temperature of 9 degrees (!!!! I've had snow days in April before, so 9 degrees in February is nuts!) I am itching for spring!! And all this lovely coral-ness is just perfect to tide me over :)

I love when you can incorporate a colour into any aspect of your life: beauty, fashion, food or home. I think I need more coral in my life!

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Hope you have a lovely day :)


Neutrals & Brights

Good evening!

I decided to do my little bit on IDS tomorrow, so today is a compilation of interiors & fashion. Two lovely things that go oh-so well together :) I haven't done a room-to-outfit post in a long long time, and they're so much fun!

I definitely tend to wear a lot of neutrals (or you know, just a lot of grey. I have a grey sweater in every shade/style possible. And I love them all.), but I do love me some brights. It probably is just a seasonal thing, as I do tend to wear more brights in the summer and neutrals in the winter.


Dang. Can it be summer already? I want that whole outfit. Or just a kelly green pencil skirt. I'd live with that.

Hope your day went well!!


Four Posters + Curtains

What do you get when you mix sumptuous curtains and four poster beds?


Some stunningly gorgeous bedrooms!!

That last image is probably my favourite of all time. I adore the colour scheme and those puddling panels just kill me. I'm just swooning over here! So luxurious.

I recently put up some curtains in my bedroom at home, since the room would not accommodate four poster curtains :( The curtains are perfect, if just a few inches short. So I have a DIY planned :) If I can't have beautiful curtains over my bed, at least I can have them on my window.

And I will continue to dream of four poster curtains...