Weekly Links, Summer Edition

I was planning to post some links last Friday, but the day got away on me. Saved those and added a few more for today's post :) Some of my favourite/most interesting reads & finds from around the web...

1. This Is Not a Vermeer. Art & forgery vs replicates and what's next. (medium.com)

2. How Brands Are Using Your Instagram Shots for Marketing. (fastcompany.com)

3. The cutest new planner from Kate Spade. (Chapters Indigo)

4. Rainy Mood - for when you're craving that gentle pitter patter :) (rainymood.com)

5. Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule - so insightful! (paulgraham.com)

6. A password changed my life. You've probably seen this but just in case...(medium.com)

7. How to set a custom white balance. (wonderforest.com)

8. Authentic modesty. (shelovesmagazine.com)

9. Pricing experiments - really neat to see the 'why' behind pricing. (conversionxl.com)

Hope you have a lovely long weekend!!


Weekly Links (on Orbs, Disney & Dark Florals)

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I've got some fun links to share that I found over the last week...

1 - I went looking on my 'beauty' pinterest board for floral nail inspiration, and found this image pinned 3 times - one, two, & three - clearly I love a dark floral :) (if anyone knows the original source of these - please let me know!!)

2 - Some good thoughts from my friend Ashley on being yourself on the Internet. I certainly don't think everything needs to be shared on the internet, but I think there's a way to share what you want while remaining honest to yourself.

3 - This one has two parts - things millenials don't know, and things gen-x's don't know  - and while I did know more from the second list, there were some things I knew from the first. And there were things I'd never heard of on both. You?

4 - You might have seen this going around last week, but I had to share. If you haven't read it, you really need to: Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney

5 - This Q&A with SJP is fun, but the glimpses of her home are what most design nerds are looking at :)

6 - I get asked a lot, "So what is 'new media'?" and while my answer changes, this I do know: if I were still in school, this would be discussed in class: 'Space Replay' (my general answer? It's a mix of art, design, tech and communication, with a dash of 'whaaat?' thrown in :)

7 - We've been having glimpses of warm weather, so I've been doing a little spring browsing online :) This crochet skirt is calling my name...

8 - Ever wondered about going to the Oscars as a non-famous person? Jennifer Lawrence's friend spills about her evening.

9 - (bonus!) A little bonus post that Jen shared over the weekend, 'On Failure' is something I think we all need to talk, or at least acknowledge, much more often than we do.


Weekly Links (on Reading, Typography & Chia)

Hello! Hope you had a lovely weekend!! Popping in to share a few links I've been loving over the last few weeks - what's been open on your browser?

1 - Web design is 95% typography - agree or disagree? ( I'm in the 'agree' camp)

2 - Chia as a drink - I tried this last week and it wasn't as weird as I thought. I'm quite used to chia pudding though so maybe that helped?

3 - The 10 Commandments of Typography - too good!

4 - Healing cavities naturally - if this is true & works, that's pretty cool!

5 - Pretty nude heels - I'm debating these for a wedding this summer - thoughts on these?

6 - New app helps you read novels in 90 minutes - it does seem to work for me, but would take getting used to I think. Also feels a bit strobe-like? haha

7 - I know the Olympics ended last month, but this still makes me smile :)

8 - Do you read the 'Terms of Service'? This site helps you know what sites have good/bad terms quickly.


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