High or Low: Office Space

Magazine high/low features are always one of my favourites (aside from Mrs. Minerva's column in The English Home) and I love guessing which room is which. Can you figure out the office space's above? Just hover over (or click) to find out if you were right :)

I've been wanting a little office space for myself, since I currently work from the dining room table. To be clear, the dining room table is actually quite nice to work from. But on the occasions we need to use it as a dining table, I have to clear all my work things off. Which is fine with a laptop, but I've been wanting to upgrade to a desktop and they don't tend to be so portable. Thus, an office space is needed.

And I thought it would be mighty fun to round up my options on the high-end of the spectrum, as well as the low. I've always liked a mix of both in a space, so we'll see how my office ends up :)

Did you figure out which space was high & which was low? There's a few pieces that are somewhat iconic, so it's not too hard if you can identify those.

As an aside, any thoughts on the comfort of sitting in a ghost chair for long periods? My guess leans towards 'not so comfy', so while I love the look, I think I might have to hunt for another style.


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Good morning!

I was going to make today's post about my newly completed gallery wall thing, but then I couldn't find my camera. Grrr. (I moved all my furniture around yesterday, so I must have packed it in some box and now I can't find it.)

So instead, you're getting a pretty quote and some not-so-pretty cellphone pictures haha

The smallest things really do make me happy sometimes. Like waking up to a finished project :D

Okay, well it's technically not finished because I want to paint that little light white, but I have to paint the walls first. They're going grey :) (and no, it's not your computer, that's just the most awful shade of greeny-yellow on my wall. It looked better on the paint chip.)

The one on the far right is a mirror, and in the bottom picture you're seeing my window sill with my piece of wood to prop my window open hehe Cannot wait for the warmer weather to come so we can open all our windows and turn on all the fans! Tis my favourite time of year :)

And I might move that one little frame up a little bit. Can't decide. Thoughts?

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