Studded Velvet (& Other West Elm Goodies!)

Good evening friends!!

Today marked my first visit to West Elm! And I do not think it will be the last haha Me & Kerry had such fun wandering the store with little Halle :) We even spotted Sarah & Tommy buying a few things!

The store was filled with so many beautiful things and I just had to share some of my favourites :)

These velvet cushions were gorgeous! Sumptuous velvet with studded edges make for a fantastic pillow!

Studded Velvet Pillow Cover

These aren't quite the same version they had in store, but the striped hand towels were so fun! I'm such a sucker for anything monogrammed haha (And the fact that the website photo had a B on it helped too hehe)

Hamam Stripe Hand Towel

I will almost always gravitate towards blues & greens over yellows & oranges, so these pretty jugs were right up my alley! They came in tons and tons of sizes, but I liked the mini ones :)

Recycled Glass Jugs

Finally, something I actually purchased! I bought a green and yellow bowl for my mama :) They will be lovely in her kitchen! And they were 50% off, but she doesn't need to know that haha

Café Bowls
I also bought a little bronze dish for myself, but there wasn't a photo online. I instagrammed it if you want to check it out :) The pillow in that photo actually came from Homesense! I was walking home after visiting West Elm, where I almost bought a little mini sequined pillow. Very glad I passed on the West Elm one as my Homesense pillow is even better! Happy days in pillow land hahaha

Any exciting finds in your life lately??


Stylish Scotland

Hello again :)

For my final Scottish post, I have the lovely work of Laura Baillie from laurabailliedesigns on Etsy. Her jewelry is so pretty and feminine, I had to share :)

I'm a bit of a tea-aholic, so of course I like this one, but isn't it so pretty??

Tea Cup Charm Necklace
Pretty wishbone necklace :)

Wishbone Charm Necklace
I love the ribbon tie and the little leaf on this one!

Pearl & Leaf Charm Bracelet
And how cute are these earrings??? I love mismatched earrings :) I have a pair where one is a key and the other's a lock. These are just too cute!

It's raining again

Be sure to check out her Etsy shop for even more lovelies, and also her twitter and blog for news & updates :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Feature & a Note

Morning all!

I know I didn't really announce it, but yesterday I took part in the blogger day of silence.
I realize I probably should have announced it, but by the time I found out about it it was too late. However, today I have 2 posts for you to finish off this Scottish week :)

Today's feature is Fréya Eté of the Etsy shop FreyaArt. I found her work last summer and fell in love!

This is probably my favourite print; I love the colours, the image, the text, all of it! How lovely would it be in a nursery?

New To This World
Adore this one too! I love the text that she puts on her work, it's just so lovely.

Strange & Magnificent
This text is lovely too :)

Vast & Amazing

Be sure to check her Etsy shop for more lovely things :) Fréya also has a site with even more of her work.

Another post will be up a bit later today, so be sure to come back for that!

Hope you all have a lovely day!


Love From Sweden


From the moment I first laid eyes on this image many months ago, I fell in love. With the feel, the furniture, the decor, the colours, all of it. And it's IKEA. Which is probably my favourite store. ( I love assembling the furniture :D )

 I've pulled as many of the pieces as I could find below, hopefully some of them will be making their way to my room sometime soon :)

Edland Bedframe
Lill Curtains
Hemnes Cabinet
Alvine Kvist
Birgit Stra Bedspread
Barometer Lamp
Jonsbo Barby Lamp
Byholma Chest
Ektorp Jennylund Chair
Alvine Ror Cushion Cover

I would probably choose a different chair and pillows for my space, although they do look good in the photo.

And just in case you were wondering, everything above can be purchased for a total of $1287.94 CAD (plus the applicable taxes depending on where you live). The big items were the bedframe ($349), the cabinet ($399), and the chair ($229), which alone cost $977 (for those of us who can't add big numbers in our head haha.)

Any favourites?? I adore the Barometer lamps, and the wicker chest and knit bedspread are fab!

Hope you're having a lovely week!!


White on White

I think I'm going to make Sundays Etsy days :) I'll post 8 items with a certain theme every week, all found on Etsy! So if there's a certain theme you'd like to see, feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

This week, I've really been loving everything white and light and airy, so I thought I'd feature that!

The Royal Mile

Embroidered Notebooks

Porcelain Dish
Vintage ROMA Chair
Les Cuilleres Print
Cream Woven Clutch
Paris in White
Alabaster Wedding I

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!



I. Love. Etsy.

I discovered Etsy with Leigh Viner's art, and then I just started stumbling around and realized what an amazing site it was! I stumbled around for a year or so, and then last summer I opened up a shop and that's when I really discovered the Etsy community. My shop kinda failed haha (a story for another day...) but I created treasuries and read the blog and discovered even more amazing stuff!

Two of my treasuries even made the front page! :D I was legit excited hahaha

And So To Bed...

New in Town?

 Etsy is an amazing place to find fabulous art, decor, handbags, clothing, furniture, pretty much anything you can think of! Just go stumble around for a few minutes and I'm sure you'll love it just as much as me :)


{photos from Craft Cult vault}